Fenerbahce was the most rising sports stock in April

The sports index calculated from sports companies trading in Bolsa Istanbul rose 6% in April, but the shares of Sport Super League champion Trabzonspor were negatively segregated and upset investors. rice field.

Breaking the stock market record in April, sports stocks were also on the rise from March to April.

Despite the risks posed by the “falconry” central bank and the global Russian-Ukrainian war, the upward trend in Bolsa Istanbul continued and sports clubs also attracted investors in April.

The BIST100 index, which recorded the highest level of 2,562 points, recorded 2,430.55 points per month at the closing price in April.

Fenerbahce Football AŞ was 16.2%, Beşiktaş Football Investments Industry and Trade AŞ was 12.8%, Galatasaray Sportif Industrial and Commercial Investments was 5.1%, but champion Trabzonspor fell 2.6% on the stock market last month.

Released after derby victory

After defeating rival Galatasaray 2-0 last month, Fenerbahce moved up to second place in the league, up 5.5% from 32.90 lira to 34.72 lira. Fenerbahce shares later saw more than 35 lira.

Trabzonspor, the champion of the Spor Toto Super League, has disappointed investors in the stock market. Analysts said the sale of profits on Trabzonspor shares was effective.

Last month, it was decided to apply a volatility-based measurement system to the Trabzonspor stock market. Therefore, Trabzonspor shares are not eligible for short-term sales and credit transactions from the transaction dated April 28, 2022 (start of session) to the transaction dated May 27, 2022 (end of session). ..

Fenerbahce, the best earner since the beginning of the year

While the shares of Fenerbahce and Galatasaray in the stock market increased, the shares of Trabzonspor and Besiktas declined in the stock performance of sports companies from the beginning of the year.

Progress in broadcasting rights bids, club-signed sponsorship deals, and sports share gains, but sports company loss announcements have negatively impacted sports company stock market performance.

Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor lost a total of 1.0121 billion lira between June 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022.

Looking at stock returns from the beginning of the year, Fenerbahce fell 21.5 percent, Galatasaray 0.9 percent, Besiktas 2.4 percent and Trabzonspor 6.8 percent.

The most valuable Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce outperformed its rivals by reaching the highest market value of any sports company traded on the stock exchange.

Fenerbahce was completed in April with a market value of 3,0387 million 95,600 lira.

Following Fenerbahce, Trabzonspor was 2,0825 million lira, Galatasaray was 1,071 million lira, and Besiktas was 792 million lira.

The closing prices, fluctuations, variances, and market values ​​of the four sports companies trading on the stock exchange compared to the end of 2021 are as follows:

society Closing price in December 2021 March 2022 closing price April 2022 closing price Monthly change in April 2022 (percentage) Difference from the end of 2021 (percentage) Market value (TL)
Fenerbahce 28.16 29.46 34.22 +16.2 +21.5 3,387.095,600
Besiktas 4.15 3.59 4.05 +12.8 -2,4 972,000,000
Galatasaray 3.25 3.12 3.28 +5.1 +0.9 1,771,200,000
Trabzonspor 6.06 5.80 5.65 -2.6 -6.8 2,825,000,000