Fenerbahce – TRT Spor win the race for the lead


Fenerbahçe and Adana Demirspor faced each other in the final match of Week 3 of the Super League. Fenerbahçe had a blast at the Urca Stadium, winning the match 4-2.

Starting the match effectively, the yellow-dark blue team took the lead with an Enervalencia goal from a penalty kick in the 20th minute. Fenerbahçe continued to attack, and Valencia’s goal in the 41st minute extended the gap to two, putting him 2-0 down in his dressing room.

At the beginning of the second half, the yellow team widened the gap to Micha Zaich to 3. Adana Demirspor played effectively after Fenerbahçe’s third goal. The guest team, motivated by Berhanda’s goal from a 56th-minute penalty kick, cut their lead to one with Juba’s goal in the 66th minute: 3-2.

In the 82nd minute, after a move to Rossi, Rakiski received a red card, leaving Adana Demirspor with ten players.

Fenerbahçe made a comeback with substitutions, and in the 83rd minute, newcomer Ezjan Alioski’s goal increased the gap to two again and won the field 4-2.


The win lifted the score to 7, with the yellow and dark blue teams leading on average. On the other hand, guest Adana Demirspor finished sixth with 6 points.

Fenerbahçe top the league for the first time in 311 days

Meanwhile, Fenerbahçe topped the Superleague after 311 days.

Having finished top of last season’s eighth week with 19 points, the yellow-blue team lost the top spot to Trabzonspor in week nine on 17 October 2021 after losing 3-1 away to Trabzonspor.

After beating Adana Demirspor to reach the top again, Fenerbahçe are once again the leaders after 31 weeks in the league.

Penalties occur in VAR

Fenerbahce scored a penalty after a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) decision in the 19th minute of the match.

After 17 minutes, Emre Moll’s pass was in the penalty area on the upper right diagonal, leaving Valencia on the ground after Rodriguez intervened. The Abdulkadir Bitigen referee initially continued the fight but went to see positions after a warning from VAR.

Vitigen, who was watching the positions, showed the penalty spot in the 19th minute, while Valencia sent the ball into the net with a 20th-minute penalty kick.

two valencias

Fenerbahçe’s experienced attacker Ener Valencia continued to score.

Valencia, who had scored four goals in the two games before Adana Demirspor in the Super League, scored twice against Adana Demirspor.

Valencia, who scored twice in the season opener against Kanatkredi Umrani Esspor and followed suit last week against Kasimpasa, have scored six goals in the league after three games.

Fenerbahçe happy with the goal

Fenerbahçe started the season very effectively in scoring goals.

Playing their third game in the Super League, the yellow and dark blue teams achieved their 13th goal.

Fenerbahçe, who had three goals in Umrani Yespor’s net in the first week of the league, scored six away goals against Kasim Paşa in the second week.

Fenerbahçe also scored four goals against Adana Demirspor, surpassing the average of four goals per game.

First Mart Hakan of the Season

Experienced Fenerbahce player Mert Hakan Yandash made his first appearance in the yellow-dark blue jersey this season.

Maat Hakan, who had been sidelined by injury at the start of the season, replaced Micha Zaik in the 62nd minute.

League’s first Arioski

Fenerbahçe’s new left-back Ezjan Alioski made his league debut this season.

Alioski, who played in the first 11 games of the UEFA Europa League against Austria Wien, was replaced by Emre Mor in the 80th minute.

The experienced footballer contributed to his team’s victory with a goal he scored in the 83rd minute, which he scored in a yellow-dark blue jersey.

Zaik gave a speech

Fenerbahçe’s experienced midfielder Mija Zaic scored his first goal of the season.

The Slovenian midfielder, who was praised for his performance last season and closed out the season with nine goals, scored his first goal of the season against Adana Demirspor.

Zajc was replaced by Mert Hakan Yandaş in the 62nd minute.

Support for Jesus from fans

Fenerbahçe fans cheered for manager Jorge Jesus.

Fans of Yellow Dark Blue showed their love for the experienced coach during the extended portion of the match.

first half highlights

The first half of the match between Fenerbahçe and Adana Demirspor in Week 3 of the Sportoto Super League ended 2-0 for the yellow-dark-blue team.

Onyekur received the ball in the upper left corner of the penalty area, but Adana Demirspor attacked quickly and Artipasta Juba could not touch the ball in the 4th minute. Following the attack, Lincoln Enrique sent the ball into the corner.

In the 14th minute, Lincoln Enrique, who was leading the leather round in the stop-ball organization, brought in Ferdy Caddiol on the left. Without waiting, in the middle of Ferdy’s penalty spot, Arao’s headshot caught the ball into the goalkeeper.

In the 17th minute, Emre Mol’s pass on the right diagonal of the penalty area remained on the ground due to Rodriguez’s intervention. Referee Abdulkadir Bittigen, who was watching his position after being cautioned by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), indicated the penalty spot in the 19th minute.

Fenerbahçe scored in the 20th minute. Valencia, who hit the ball on a penalty point, put together a round leather net: 1-0

In the 23rd minute, Lincoln Enrique hit a free throw from about 30 meters diagonally to the right, and Zalai’s headshot flew diagonally upwards to the left inside the penalty area.

Fenerbahce extended the gap to two in the 41st minute. Valencia quickly deployed Serdar Dursun’s bouncing ball and Samet his Akakaidun made a mistake in the opposition’s defense, sending the ball into the net and Razor from the goalkeeper after pushing his ball into his area for a penalty. Saved: 2-0

The first half of the match ended in a 2-0 lead for Fenerbahçe.

Highlights of the second half

In the 46th minute, Serdar Dursun passed a pass to Emre MOL, who entered the penalty area and fired a shot from the front right, which sent the ball out of the flank.

Fenerbahce extended the gap to three in the 47th minute. Serdar from outside the penalty area After his Dursun shot, the ball bounced off the defense and the penalty he landed in front of Enrique on the top left corner of the area. Without waiting for the ball Lincoln pulled from the ground around the penalty spot, Zaich sent the leather ball into the net with a smooth kick: 3-0.

In the 53rd minute, Ferdy Caduor put the ball into the back post in the middle of Lincoln Enrique’s left flank and fired a powerful shot before the goalkeeper controlled the leather ball with two hands.

Adana Demirspor scored a penalty in the same minute. Moving behind the Berhanda defense, Onyekull marked the penalty spot when he was dropped by Zalai in the penalty area.

Berhanda, who stole the ball in the 56th minute, sent goalkeeper Altay and the leather ball to another corner: 3-1.

In the 60th minute, Berhanda’s intermediate pass brought Onyekur into the box from the left and goalkeeper Altay controlled a leather ball.

In the 61st minute Emre Moll met the ball in the middle of Adana Demirspor’s half-court and dribbled three players into the penalty area. Emre’s shot stayed the round leather goalkeeper.

In the 65th minute, Yussouf Sari, who had moved to a long ball thrown behind the defense, entered the penalty area and threw the ball towards the last-minute goalkeeper Altai. Following the attack, the defense stole the leather ball.

Adana Demirspor cut the gap to one in the 66th minute. Onyekur, who received the ball diagonally to the left in the penalty area after a defensive mistake by Saray, turned the ball inside Altai in the final moments after chasing Lemos away. On the goal line, Juba sent a leather ball into an empty goal: 3-2

Fenerbahçe extended the gap to two again in the 83rd minute. A leather round worn behind the ball, used by Rossi from the right, remained in front of Alioski on the left diagonal inside his area of ​​the penalty. This player carried his ball into the net with his nice shot, which he controlled: 4-2.

With no other positions in the match, Fenerbahçe won 4-2.