Fenerbahce is ready for 7 + 4 rules-last sports news

Fenerbahce entered the last three weeks of the league and gave second place a huge advantage. Next season I will continue the work. The most striking detail of the new season is that the number of foreigners on the team has dropped to 12 and there are at least 4 Turkish players. One of them is from infrastructure. F. Bache seems to be plagued by the number of foreigners, but he is very happy with the Turkish soccer players.Because canaries, who are potential superstars for infrastructure like Arda Gurel Altai, Ilfan Kang, Mart Hakan, Serdal Dulsan, Individual Cadiogle There are also national Turkish players such as: The locals who form the backbone of the team are:

Serdal Dulsan: 30 years old. He is the team’s top scorer with 14 goals.
Ilfan Jean Carvech: 26 years old. Team maestro.
Arda Gurel: Candidate for superstar at 17 years old.
Yandashside: 27 years old. An indispensable midfielder …
Sangaré: 27 years old. She is a candidate for the right back, along with Osai.
ÇAĞTAYKUKALIP: 20-year-old. A young left back that is an important alternative to the busy game schedule for next season.
Ferdi Cadiogle: 22 years old. He is a perfect joker. The next season can be evaluated in many positions.
Serdar Aziz: He was 31 years old and was resigned for a new contract. From his experience, he is an important alternative to the line of defense.
Altay Baidil: The 24-year-old contract has not yet been renewed, but his stay is believed to be certain.
El Tour Lucetin: 19 years old. Berke Özer leaves the team. Ertuğrul will be the second goalkeeper after Altay.
BURAK CLOSED: 22 years old. The results for this season are not as expected and the situation for the new season will be determined by the preparatory camp.
Muhamed Gumshkaya:
Another product of infrastructure. 21 years old. He will be an important part of the depth of the midfield team.

Jesus’ concerns
F. Garden Jorge Jesus, who President Ali Kochu met in Portugal to leave to the team next season, confused them. 67-year-old Portuguese coach, who was on vacation in Rio de Janeiro Botafogo manager’s friend At the invitation of Luis Castro Botafogo-Juventuge I watched the game at the stand. The audience applauded the famous coach while Jesus waved and responded to the love of the fans. The match ended with a one-on-one draw, but Botafogo, who played the fourth match, scored five points. F. Bahçeli fans also commented on social media, “Jesus will not come, I guess.”

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