Fenerbahce and Galatasaray are eager for a little Ronaldinho-soccer news

Besir Zeineroul, 9, who lives in the Altukul district of Mardin, started playing soccer with his teacher, Lacan Ceres, at the age of six. He had great success in his sense of place, ability to play, and his physical intellect. Zeyneloğlu provided 42 assists and 8 goals to Asurspor, who won the championship with 8 wins and 1 draw in the U11 Football League, which was also attended by Tanju Çolak in Mardin. This success, unnoticed by Tanju Cholac in the league, made the little soccer player call himself the “Messi” of the future.

“The offer came from Konyaspor, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray.”

Besil said he was a very special talented child for Mardin, and Lacan Ceres said: Apart from his kinetic intelligence, he is a child with personal abilities, gaming intelligence, and a future. There were many transfer offers for him. From clubs such as Konyaspor, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. He is currently playing with our Asurspor. He is an athlete of the future and we look forward to him. I hope he goes where he wants to go. “

“We used to call him Ronaldinho in Mardin. Tanju Cholac called him the Messi of the future.”

Keresh expressed his awareness of his kinesthetic intelligence during training, stating: Gameplay intelligence, ball trading, goal shots, and generally a very practical gunner. He stands out from other athletes and is an athlete with room for improvement. In fact, we called him Ronaldinho of Mardin. Tanju Cholac called Besil the future Messi. Of course, our brother Tanju is more experienced and capable than us on these issues. That’s why he called him Messi of the future. Beşir has provided six goals for Mardin’s organization. “

Besir’s story began with the Urgup tournament in Nevsehir, Keresh said: I’m glad Mardin was there, and Tanju Cholac knew this. Tanju Çolak came to Mardin for the Ürgüp tournament. It was a source of pride and joy for us that Besil came to the fore.

“I want to represent my hometown Mardin and Turkey in Europe”

Beşir Zeyneloğlu said he was nine years old and attended fourth grade in elementary school. “I started playing sports with my teacher Rakan when I was 6 years old. My teacher Rakan brought me recently. I would like to represent my hometown Mardin and Turkey in Europe. My nickname is Ronaldinho from Mardin. I got this nickname from a friend. “

“Bashir’s contribution to the U11 league team was 42 assists and 8 goals.”

He has kinetic intelligence, and they say they have brought him so far with his father and teachers, said Eldal Alper. We are trying to educate ourselves with it. The U11 Football League was generally held only in Mardin, Turkey. I participated as Asurspor Club. He became the champion with 8 wins and 1 draw in 9 games. Besil’s contribution to the team was 42 acids and 8 goals. Almost all of our goals are Basir’s contributions. Beşir has a structure that prefers to score goals rather than score goals. He loves to make games. Beşir is very talented and we deal with the amateur spirit. We are not professionals. For example, its kinesthetic intelligence could not be measured accurately. We do that by observation, “he said.

“The perception of space, the ability to grasp, and the speed are faster than us.”

Insisting that there should be greater clubs, financial strength, and opportunities for higher levels of measurement, Alper said: I am studying kinesthetic intelligence. It can be said that Besil has a clear kinesthetic intelligence. He bridges the physical gap between Bashir and his other rivals. He supplements it with kinesthetic intelligence. The game takes its reading power from there. It’s enough now, but I’m not sure if two years is enough. Second, bigger clubs need bigger coaches. We are amateurs, “he said.