Feminist Night March: Taksim is blocked and women are rebelling

The feminist night march in Taksim was held despite police barriers. The women turned the streets and boulevards leading to the completely besieged Taksim into meetinghouses.


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The Feminist Night Parade was held for the 20th time as part of International Women’s Day on March 8th this year.

Women from all over Istanbul gathered in Taksim to express their demand for social equality and rights.

Prior to the march, Taksim Square was surrounded by police barricades, the subway service was shut down, and all side streets leading to Istikral Road were closed.

Women met on many side streets. The women who gathered at Firuzağa were stopped by the police.


The women expressed a rebellion by forming a meetinghouse with Chihangil on many side streets and boulevards.

The action slogans such as “Women’s murder is political,” “We are not silent, not afraid, do not obey,” and “The Istanbul Convention remains alive.”

The press release read aloud despite police barriers is:

“The feminist rebellion never ends!

Twenty years ago, a group of feminists gathered on Taksimmis Street and we started the first feminist night march, “Is it a coincidence that all the heads of state who started the war are men?” Today, tonight, March 8, 2022, tens of thousands of women are gathering behind the war and poverty caused by men. This rebellion would not end without establishing a feminist world.

Over the years, we not only increased in number, but also organized feminist struggles and established solidarity across these streets. Against the patriarchy that oppresses us, the capitalism that exploits our lives, and the heterosexualism that tries to line us up, we realize that another world is possible. .. Attacks on women and LGBTI + are increasing in all respects, but support from those who openly organize homosexual aversion and transphobia from the abolition of the Istanbul Convention, and those who burden us with poverty and war. Thanks to the feminists who gathered here today, they gathered all over the world today.

Our claim is not only to celebrate this day, but also to abolish all forms of discrimination against women, not only for equality. We have eyes to change the world. Rebellion and struggle will not stop from these streets until we establish a world of feminists.

The Istanbul Convention and attacks on 6284 pave the way for femicide, male violence and transgender murder. We say that with the help of the male state and patriarchy, we cannot afford to lose another in the face of these attacks on us.

Our existence is defined by the family, so “we are women, not families, and we are in the rebellion of feminists!” We continue to say.

Government homosexual hatred, transphobia, and hatred words directed at LGBTI +. In our solidarity and struggle, we respond to the ignorance of LGBTI +’s work, housing and even the right to life.

It imposes the most volatile and minimum wage jobs on those who expect us to do household chores for free, turning women’s labor into cheaper labor. “Our labor is ours, we do not accept the exploitation of our labor!” We say.


In homes, in front of factories, in offices, construction sites and squares, we hold us fully responsible for the epidemic and economic crisis and continue to resist those who make us poor.

We do not accept the deprivation of our dependents to empower men who say they are “victims.”

We do not accept the imprisonment of women and women politicians fighting patriarchy, legislation, the closure of women’s organizations and women’s counseling centers by trustees.

We rebel against inadequate shelters and nurseries for women, unqualified ŞÖN0054Ms, sending women back from police stations, and being put in jail for decades when they have to be killed so that they are not killed. To do.

We do not obey the police, those who try to suppress our voices, words and actions with violence, and try them in court. We are not afraid. We continue to rebel against patriarchy by “jumping in rhythm”.

We say; the feminist rebellion will not end until we establish an equal and free world without patriarchy, capitalism, racism, war, occupation, religious oppression and labor exploitation! Let our feminist struggle live longer!

Meanwhile, a group of women waiting to ferry from Kadikoy to Besiktas in the evening and then to Taksim on the pier were detained before boarding the ferry.

So far, 38 women have been found to be detained, including women who want to detour the police station that was set up.

In a statement from the Governor’s Office of Istanbul, “Several posts made through social media have determined that we were asked to hold various events in and around Taksim Square on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8. Our Beyoğlu District Governor held a meeting, march, and press release within the boundaries of our Beyoğlu District on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. Conference and March Law No. 2911, And in accordance with State Administration Law No. 5442, it violates the law. Sit, open stands, set up tents, distribute leaflets, etc. are not permitted to protect rights and freedoms and prevent crime.

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