Female wrestlers are ambitious before the European Championship-Sports News

In a statement to DHA, Turkish Wrestling Federation President Shelev Erowl, who visited the national team camp before the championship in Budapest from March 28 to April 3, 2022, said: “It’s important to us. Thank God. Everything is fine now,” he said.

President EROĞLU: We’re going to make history again

Recalling Turkey’s return with a record medal at the U23 European Wrestling Championships in Bulgaria in March, President Eroul continued:

“Women have become European champions in freestyle. In addition, the freestyle and Greco-Roman men’s teams have come in second, and the freestyle national team has been unable to compete in the European Championships with medals. God is an employee. , Worked, studied, and advised my athlete to study .. There is nothing to prevent this. Your ideas, thoughts. “May your dreams be as big and bright as the sun. Medal. Is not monopolized by anyone. Employees are always close to the top. Successful in the next Bulgaria. Hungary. We go there to make a new history. We are in our country. I completely believe in giving a smile to my face. ”

YASEM0054 NADARY וĞוT: 5th goal gold medal

Yasemin Adar Luigit, one of the key names of the women’s national team, said they had a very productive camp, “The results of the U23 Championship in Bulgaria have also motivated us. As my country, our federation, and our honorary president, athlete, and vice president of the federation, I was honored to be able to sing the national anthem and raise the flag. Congratulations to all young girls. Women’s wrestling brings success in addition to success. We are always successful. We aim for the highest standards. Especially since 2016, success has been accelerating, which is exponential every year. Now I’m going to Hungary and aiming to be the champion as a team. I used to be 3rd in Europe, but 3rd isn’t enough anymore. I’ve been 4 times in a row since 2016. I became the European Champion at. My goal is to win the fifth gold medal in Europe. ”

BUSEÇAKIROĞLU: Youth success, it’s a turn

Buse Chabshuol, who wants a 72kg medal for our national team, said he believes he will reach the top of Europe as a team. Çakıroğlu said, “Our U23 team has made history as a team and has become a European champion. Now it’s our turn. We hope we can also be a senior European champion. We have this. I worked hard for. “

Çakıroğlu said, “Speaking of myself, I couldn’t participate in the European Championship for two years. I couldn’t participate as a team because one of them had a shoulder injury and it was the year of the Olympics. My goal is two years later. Win the national gold medal and let me sing the national anthem. ”

EFRAH0054MKAHRAMAN: Turkey is at the exit of women’s wrestling

With the support of the Turkish Wrestling Federation, chaired by Sherev Eroul, the women’s wrestling team coach Efrahim Karlaman noted that he had great success at the 1st U23 European Wrestling Championship, “I’m proud of this. It broke the record in the first big tournament we participated in. This gives us great responsibility, he added.

Free national team of women to fight in the European Championship:

50kg Evin Demirhan Yavuz, 53kg ZeynepYetgil, 55kgBediaGün, 57kg ElviraKamaloğlu, 59kgElifYanık, 62kgYağmurÇakmak, 65kgAslıTuğcu, 68kgAslıDemir, 72kgBuseÇavuşoğlu, 76kgYaseminA