Fatih Terim’s Flash Word from Mostafa Mohamed!


Galatasaray Egyptian striker Mostafa Mohammed has issued a statement on the signing process, the non-existent transfer to Bordeaux and many other issues.

The Egyptian star stated that he was effective in Terim’s transfer, “Fatih Terim is a true legend and emperor to me. I learned a lot from him. We were also very good. I am very sorry that he left. I am him. I want to continue for many years. I have no luck. “ I used his words.

I don’t like huts

Mohammed evaluated the Bordeaux transfer that didn’t take place on the final day of the first day of the season and said the problem was due to a discrepancy between the two clubs. An Egyptian player said he was angry with this, saying, “I didn’t find a chance, so I wanted to leave. I always want to play. I don’t want to be modest. I chose another place. A new start. I cut it, but I was unlucky. The problem wasn’t with me, but with the clubs. I was upset, but forgot when I returned. “

Trabzon deserves a championship


Super League champion Trabzonspor was worthy of the championship to the end. He is not defeated both inside and outside. They played good soccer. They deserve the championship very clearly. Congratulations. They also played really well in our game.

I don’t forget the escape championship

It was a season when I couldn’t say I did my best. We are very sorry to those who trust us. It’s very sad. It didn’t work. Last year I was very disappointed. I would like to give a championship to Galatasaray fans. With the goals scored in the match I missed last season, I would like to win the championship by the goal difference in the Malatya Sport match. How does a championship that runs away with a goal not upset you? Don’t forget the championship to escape.

The goals I have shown to F. BAHÇE are very important

At that moment, I couldn’t understand the importance of the goal scored in Kadikoy’s Fenerbahce Derby. I didn’t realize its importance until I scored a goal. After scoring, I realized how valuable I was. I couldn’t understand the meaning of the match without the audience. But even now, I feel like I’m still alive with that excitement.

I want to play every match at our house

Our fans are always with us. They have always supported us. We couldn’t make them happy, and we are very sorry. I’m from the Zamarek team, which has the biggest supporters in Egypt. However, the love for Galatasaray is very great here. I wish I could play all the games at my stadium. Our house has a very nice atmosphere with the audience. They are always supporting us. Their presence makes us happy.

There is no recipe for “YAMUSTAFA”

After scoring a goal, I’m glad to hear a song called “Ya Mustafa” with an Arabic melody on the stadium speakers. It was played during the Erzurum Spor game when I first came and was very impressed. I was still impressed. Why doesn’t the music you play with your tongue make you happy after you score a goal? There are no words to describe this happiness. It’s a very special feeling.

I need time in a hurry

Trent is a very good teacher, it’s been a while since he came. In such cases, new entrants should be considered in the long run. He is trying to prove himself. The process of the technician first and then the president did not affect us. We are professional soccer players and have to work. It is no exaggeration to say that they did not affect us.

SALAH is following G.SARAY

I am honored to be able to play with Sarah. He is also following the matches I play. He sometimes comments on the match. We have a good friendship and dialogue with him. He is a gentle actor, but he has a serious personality. Sometimes we make jokes between us. For example, we are on a team bus. Sara doesn’t like the songs I like, everyone else likes them and he turns them off soon.


Before coming to Galatasaray, I was on the agenda of Fenerbahce. I received a call from Fenerbahce Sporting Director Belözoğlu eight months ago. Then Zamalek didn’t want to leave me. There was also the Africa Cup. There was no development. I have never met Emre Belözoglu after he came to Galatasaray.

I have one manager

There was no trouble with the manager during the transfer process. I’m not in the discussion about the manager’s. I’m not included in them. I have a manager. I work with 10 people. The process was developed outside of me. Of course I dream of playing in the big league, but I’m happy here now. Galatasaray is also a great team.

Istanbul didn’t break me

I don’t follow social media very much. I think the news about my private life is exaggerated. Istanbul did not destroy me. I’m always the same. I am comfortable and know myself. I am paying attention to my personal life. Did my photo appear somewhere? My family is also in Istanbul. We are having a great time. Go to Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet, Eyup Sultan. But whenever I find time, I like Hagia Sophia.

Maltan is not alone

“I can’t say that Maltan is alone because he doesn’t speak a language. He’s not. We’re good friends with both Maltan and Sicardau.”

want to continue

There are many happy moments, but even if I don’t understand the meaning of the goals scored in the Fenerbahce match, it’s one of my happiest moments. If the fans are happy, then I am happy too. I’m very happy with Galatasaray, I’m not thinking of going anywhere. Galatasaray is a very big club, so I came to Galatasaray.

I have a friend from Egypt here. The closest is Karim Hafez. I talked to him before he came. It helped me a lot.

After signing Trezeguet for Basakshehir, we started meeting frequently. It was very sad to lose to Senegal in the Africa Cup. Inevitably, I was under the influence of that defeat. Since I came here, the bad situation of the team has made me less motivated.

My family is a great source of motivation for me. I am happy when they are. They are already in Turkey. They are my biggest supporters. They keep track of the match.