Fatih Karagyumruk Sports Association opened


The Fatih Karagümrük Sports Association was opened at the Vefa stadium by a group of Karagümrük volunteers and supporters. The Association of Supporters Groups and the coach of the Karagümlük Women’s Football Team, Bahar Ozgüvenci, attended the opening ceremony. “I would like to thank the leaders of the fan groups who have contributed to the association we have opened today. I hope we can finish this path at any time,” Bahar Ozgüvens told reporters.

“There are not many, but those who believe will surely bring the end of the road.”

Speaking at the association’s opening ceremony, stating that this is an important step for Karagümlük’s youth, Bahar Ozgüvenci said: I’m so happy As players of the women’s football team and the technical team, we have always had a good relationship with the merchants of Karagümlük. We were also happy to have an association like this in our ballpark. Having a place to spend time after training is good for us. In fact, the club’s most important function is fan support. Thankfully our supporters have a family atmosphere. As a woman, Karagümlük has never had a problem spending time in or around her stadium. We are very happy with this situation and would like to mention it specifically. We are happy to have such fans. Last season we encountered a lot of fan groups at the games, but it was clearly the supporters who were the most supportive and vocal. . There is a classic adage. Not many, but those who believe always bring the end of the road. I hope that we can finish this path at any point we want, whether male or female. We would like to thank the leaders of the fan groups who have contributed to the association we have opened today. Believe me, they are making a huge contribution both financially and morally. I would like to thank President Süleyman Hurma and Vice President Serkan Hurma for their contributions and support. We run our business here in a family atmosphere and are waiting to sign when the season is over. Hopefully, we can represent our fans in the best possible way and make them happy in the upcoming period.

“Andrea Pirlo is a great opportunity for Karagümlük and our country.”

Saying the transfer was the result of a very detailed study, Bahar Ozgüvens said: “Things may look easy from the outside, but behind us there are financial and moral implications. I am in the business so I know very well that the management team has considered and executed the transfers that they have made this year. and I think they get their money’s worth.Andrea Pirlo is very famous.It’s a great opportunity for our country and Karagümlük.If he plays at Topuk Plateau I had the opportunity to personally see the football played and I think it will be a very enjoyable Fatih Karagumluk this year,” he said.


“I will bring this cup to my neighborhood next year.”

Announcing that the women’s football team reached the final last year and is aiming to win next year, Ozgbens said: District, wait for us after we become champions. It didn’t happen, but whatever. It’s my first year, so I think I did a good job. The efforts of Vice President Serkan Hulma in shaping this success will not be forgotten. The effort and effort of the technical staff was very good. We played soccer in the snow and sometimes in the heat. We were seriously injured and as a result my lord was rewarded by playing in the final. This year we want to break the bad luck and bring trophies to the district. ”

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