Fahrettin Koca meets a medical professional


During the March 14 program at the SBU, Health Minister Fahrett in Koca asked doctors to know that the state was trying to do its best for them.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca participated in the March 14th Medical Day Program hosted by Health Science University (SBU) at Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-iŞahane Kulliye.

Coca said he was proud to meet them at this historic facility that trains tomorrow’s doctors on March 14th Medical Day.

Minister Coca explained that future-looking young people will grow up as doctors under this roof, be distributed nationwide with the education they receive, and provide medical services to all. A member of this important country.

“The section that most feels the epidemic threat”

Coca recalls that communities and societies are facing difficult times and that a pandemic has been going on for two years, which is for everyone, no matter where they live. He said it was a threat to the bones.

He points out that the threat is most felt by doctors who fight at the risk of death, and Coca said that the memory of the lost health care workers is in their hearts and is respectfully remembered. rice field.


Video of Fahrettin Koca meeting with a medical professional

“Even the smallest doubts make me deeply sad.”

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca told the candidate doctors:

“Remember that the people who come to us are worried and seeking a cure for our problem. The precious profession you choose is the highest value character revealed by humanity. It gives you the privilege of being a statue. This truth is worth tackling and enduring the difficulties that will be overcome the next day, and as your brother devoting your night to tomorrow, I would like to say this: Even the slightest doubt in the choice of medical education makes me deeply saddened.

“Know that our government is trying to do its best for you.”

Know that even if gold is dropped, its value does not decrease. Dusting diamonds does not lose their brilliance. Again, anyone who has the value and ability of gold and diamonds cannot be exchanged for someone who does not have this value and ability. Remember that the words that are decisive are above the words that are blame, as we sometimes experience with elders. Know that our government is trying to do its best for you, and that it’s close. “

Cases of health violence

The subject of health violence and malpractice abuse, Coca, “There are problems with this profession and healthcare system that we couldn’t address during the epidemic season, but we are now working on the seriousness of the fight against the epidemic, including violence.” I used a phrase.

Mr. Coca said yesterday that he held a symposium with the participation of Minister of Justice Bekir Bozder and the High Legal Officer, saying that the symposium had a firm and clear demand for the protection of their rights and the law.

“I must admit that the misery and deep anxiety of my community has deviated my speech.” Coca continued:

“Know that our Minister of Justice and the Higher Justice Minister understand you. Again, when the Minister of Justice understands, know that the Declaration of Judgment is approaching. Yesterday, our A misconduct that is very closely related to work life has been abused. A statement summarizing the progress belongs to our Minister of Justice: “Doctors are protected like judges.” I say is a revolution, and I add that no one would disagree with my claim. “

Fahrettin Koca meets a medical professional # 2

“You start a good working life”

Calling tomorrow’s doctor, Coca said, “There is another problem. Doctors’ rewards must be fair and appropriate for their profession. I don’t think there is a problem between you as it is today. You compare to your brother or sister. Will start your professional life without any problems. “ I made that evaluation.

“I want these eyes not to be seen anywhere else.”

Health Minister Coca pointed out that three things are very important. “I am very concerned that the loss of faith in the hands of doctors does not damage the fame of the medical profession. I attach great importance to the continuation of our moral loyalty to the medical profession. I hope you can see these bright eyes. My people don’t look at any other goal. I will do my best for these and continue to do so. “ He said.

Coca celebrated March 14th Medical Day with his colleagues and potential doctors.

Fahrettin Koca meets a medical professional # 3