Expert Warning: Beware of eight common mistakes in sports injuries

Professor of Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist. Dr. Hasan Bombacı said: “Sports are activities that take place throughout life, from free childhood activities to professional competitions. However, sports carry the risk of injury.” Many sports injuries are preventable. ” He said.

Running damage knee

The first responsibility for runner sports injuries is shoes, professor. Dr. Hasan Bombacı said: However, like many other sports, some obstacles that occur in runners depend on multiple factors. All factors such as ground running, nutrition, water loss, concentration and body preparation for sports (warm-up-stretching-activity-cooldown-restretching) affect the benefits or harms we get. May be a sport. However, it is possible to prevent most of the potential harm of running, which is a natural activity of many organisms.

“If an athlete needs to experience anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, it causes the end of the career.

This information is correct in the past, a professor of orthopedics and traumatology at the Koshuyol Hospital, University of Yedithepe. Dr. Hasan Bombacı said: “The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the serious injuries in the knee area. Today, ACL surgery has much more successful results thanks to the development of technology and technology. But it is in the healing of the ligament. Due to the associated biological process, it is not very possible to reduce the return to sport after surgery to less than a specific time, but with a good rehabilitation process, 70-80 in patients undergoing ACL reconstruction. It is possible to return to sports at a rate of% and achieve preoperative performance at a rate of 50%.

“More exercise is strengthened and better results are obtained.”

Professor Dr. Hasan Bombacı stated that there are two types of muscle strengthening exercises and provided the following information:

“The methods and results of these exercises are different. The first is an exercise that increases muscle strength and mass. This exercise technique exercises against increased resistance. In the meantime, it has an aerobic mechanism. The energy-producing capacity of the muscles gradually declines, and the anaerobic mechanism begins to work. Malaise occurs in the muscles, and some substances released into the environment cause pain. On the other hand, it works in exercises such as weight lifting. The adaptive mechanism increases both muscle volume and strength. The second method increases more muscle endurance. Here, the exercise units that produce force in the muscle do not increase, Increases the activation of muscles that move in the same direction. In this case, the strength of muscles that do not increase in volume increases. Techniques play an important role, not just quantity, in strengthening exercise. “

“The most correct way to relieve pain in an acute injury is to apply heat.”

Tissue damage caused by sudden injuries can cause bleeding, but depending on the severity of the injury, it most often causes local edema. When bleeding occurs, the blood vessels contract (“vasoconstriction”), limiting bleeding in the damaged area. Dr. Bombachi said: In the next few hours, blood vessels will dilate and increase vascular permeability in response to lack of oxygen in the area. This means an increase in edema, “he added.

“When heat is applied at the beginning of an injury, dilation of blood vessels increases bleeding and edema in the injured area. This is also an undesirable situation. Instead, you need to catch a cold in the injured area with appropriate pressure. I have.”

“It takes pain to benefit from exercise.”

Emphasize that this information is not always correct, Professor. Dr. Hasan Bombacı reported that the most important reason for the pain felt during exercise is the irritation caused by lactic acid, which occurs during muscle contraction. This is especially noticeable in “high resistance movements such as weightlifting”. “The reason for this is that when muscle capacity is used most, the energy-generating mechanism of muscles switches from the” aerobic route “to the” anaerobic route, “” said Dr. Bombachi. In order for muscle cells to increase in volume and their number, they need to be pushed to these limits. However, this situation occurs with endurance exercise, where the muscles function at maximum strength, but is milder. In another type of exercise, stretching exercise, the pain caused by the exercise is felt at the beginning of the exercise, but the duration is shorter.

“Displaced fingers take longer to heal than broken fingers.”

He pointed out that the treatment method for finger dislocation differs depending on the hand and foot, he said. “When talking about more frequent hand fractures and dislocations, it’s safe to say that the complex structure of the hand and the type of damage that occurs can have very different consequences,” said Dr. Hasan Bombacı. Did. Depending on the shape and morphology, various surgical procedures may be required. Professor Dr. Bomber added that the healing process can be very different for both injuries, depending on the location and shape of the fracture and dislocation.

“Spring ankles are worse than broken ankles.”

Ankle sprains are a very common injury in everyday life. Mentioning ankle sprains expresses that ligament injuries to the ankle joint come to mind, professor. Dr. Hasan Bombacı also said: “This is less common, but it can be accompanied by small fractures. Unless there is a fracture, the first treatment for ankle sprains (ligament injuries) is mainly at different times, depending on the degree of ligament injury. It is to be fixed using a specially designed orthotic device. Ankle fractures are actually basically due to an abnormal load on the ankle, but in this case it forms an ankle. Fractures occur in one or more bones. Often the treatment requires surgery. Sometimes these fractures can be accompanied by cartilage damage. Therefore, the results are more unpredictable. Yes, there is a risk. “

“Pre-pubertal and adolescent weight-lifting exercises cause an injury growth plate in terms of growth.”

Emphasizing that this information is not always correct, he is an expert professor of orthopedics and traumatology at the Koshuyor Hospital, University of Yedithepe. Dr. Hasan Bombacı recalled that prepubertal children had lower muscle mass and oxygen burning capacity than adults. Therefore, children get tired faster. Early muscle fatigue indirectly means overloading the joints and growth plates at the ends of the long bones. This growth prepares the ground for cartilage damage. However, recent studies have shown that the risks that can occur in the growth plate can be minimized with a well-tuned and timely (8-12 week) exercise program for children. increase. When strengthening the exercises performed by children, more repetitive exercises are more appropriate for lower resistance.