Exit plan from Camp Nou-TRTSpor


7 games in Europe, no losses, no demotion, Camp Nou’s performance at the last link in the chain …

Galatasaray played for an unforgettable 90 minutes in Europe, finished the group stage as a leader and automatically jumped in March.

In fact, the content of the “9,15 Podcast” and the title of “The Game That Leads Galatasaray to Leadership”. The Barcelona Away game was like a continuation of the story of these contents.

As in the days of Fatih Terim, Trent and his team were on the field with a defensive structure that revealed all the weaknesses of their opponents in established offensive games.

Let’s take a look at the details.


Barcelona set layout and description

Despite the arrival of Xavi and the increase in half-time transfers, Barcelona is still unable to play powerful set games.

First of all, the problem is that you can’t play with Eric Garcia or Pique, who make up at least one of the team’s defender lines, on a wide, fast-paced field. This is because both players need to play in tight areas with problematic structures and weak athletic ability in the open field.

In addition, Barcelona did not have a powerful continuous striker to place teams in and around the penalty area. Aubameyan, who can be a striker’s wound ointment, is also regaining health and shape, even if it does not have these characteristics.

Ansu Fati is the only piece suitable for every match of the Catalan team’s Wingrotion, but he has been injured for a long time. Adama Traoré ends the tempo when no open space is found and tries to play a pure one-on-one match, but the final pass and middle quality are inferior. Therefore, it is effective when you find a place where you can run.

Ferran Torres is one of the least talented one-on-one wings, but when he plays with the traveling striker, he can enter the area opened by him and score goals. Again, there are issues such as the shortage of strikers mentioned earlier and Adama Traoré playing in the opposite wing confusing the settlement.

In all these situations, Dembele, who poses the greatest threat to his opponent in my opinion, finds it difficult to turn his opponent into a score, despite his explosiveness, ability to reduce men, and ability to use both feet. It is a player who is.

Barcelona also does not have a midfield part where many goals can be scored in various actions such as Rakitić, Paulinho and Vidal.

Therefore, there is a golden rule to play against the Catalan team. No matter what, there is no space to run.

Especially in an environment where Memphis Depay is placed on the field in front of him and few players naturally occupy the volume of the penalty area …

This rule directly matches the path that Galatasaray follows in a group match.

Galatasaray’s Most Powerful Weapon: Built-in Defense

In many contexts, Galatasaray said it was difficult to play as a “field judge.” This is especially due to the limited ability to play in tight fields and the large number of players turning their backs.

But on the European stage, the yellow-red team shows an example of a very strong set defense.

Galatasaray is centered in six blocks with Tyrant and Berkan in front of Defensive 4, instructing their opponents to play completely from the side. The opponent who turned the ball into a touch line spreads naturally on the field. When the yellow-red team wins the ball, it will try to use this width to seize the chance of a counterattack.

In order to make these counterattacks, it is important that the striker or at least one wing be able to take the highball. Babel did what Diagne and Haril did in a group away from Barcelona.

This allowed Kerem, who threw himself into the left touchline, to catch a number of one-on-one catches in the transition game. In one of them, he overtook Dest and was very close to moving the team forward.

Perhaps the only flaw in the almost perfect plan that was watched over in Barcelona and led to leadership on the group stage was Mostafa Mohamed’s weak tie-up game.

Marcos, Pena and Defensive Line

Of course, you need to play counterattack soccer leaning against a trusted defender or goalkeeper. For example, Besiktas did not choose to go to such an understanding on the European stage because the defenders could not trust the defense of the set.

Marcos was a very successful defender when he stood on the front lines, proposing the perfect football at Camp Nou. It’s very comfortable to have a defensive leader who can avoid contact, has a second move, sweeps behind the full back, carries the ball, fouls as needed, and doesn’t always think about taking a step back. safety.

On the group stage, Muslera made a difference in goal positions and long range shooting opportunities that Galatasaray rarely gave. At Camp Nou, Inacio Penha’s performance was top notch, even though he didn’t put it in the first place in order not to obscure the quality defenses of the team.

Victor Nelsson, who had problems with agility in the open field and lost himself to a forward who could steal a highball, has a team leaning back and does not have an air cannon until Luuk de Jong. Enter made a great example of a partnership with.

Correct gambling

Of course, apart from the general template, there are also details to understand this performance and results.

Teams that show an understanding of football that emphasizes defense against their dominant opponent often forget one thing. It’s how you reach your goals and push your opponents.

This spirit certainly happens at some point because you can’t use the ball and you can’t prevent the pressure from continuing, even though you’re calculating all sorts of dangers that can occur during a match. ..

Galatasaray repeated the method used at Camp Nou’s group stage, leaving Kerem first in most positions.

This gambling includes an approach in which Traoré plays one-on-one with Van Aanholt, surpassing Dutch soccer players and taking the risk of supporting Dest’s debut in Barkan. Because Traoré can defend in the set because he is a low final pass and medium quality player when he can’t find an open space as I mentioned between the lines.

In addition, Barcelona did not have a penalty area striker who could hit his head with the possibility of a quality passcut. Depay started the game, and after Auba entered, he always turned to the left, and Depay was already in the game on behalf of Traoré himself.

Galatasaray was able to run the star with the ball he got in the middle, keeping Kerem’s defense task forward and staying close to the line. In this way, he aimed to create opportunities for his position, push his opponents back and breathe into defense. It works multiple times.

What could happen in a rematch?

We are no longer talking about the potential of utopia. Galatasaray has a chance to kick Barcelona out of the Istanbul Cup.

Barça’s squad structure is suitable for away games. Naples played bravely and freely at home against an opponent trapped in Camp Nou, but was caught up in the many counterattacks it gave. Therefore, Galatasaray does not have to re-advance the line of defense, gather in tight areas, or give opponents a running area.

Xavi is very likely to rematch with a real striker, not a hired striker like Depay. If this striker is paired with Marcos, the Brazilians need to perform another great performance, and if paired with Nelson, Marcao needs to play a radical role.

The yellow-red team definitely needs a high quality striker connection. This is where Mosta Famohammed is the weakest. Mostafa, already on the group stage, played only one in the first 11 games. This role was usually played by Diagne and Haril. In the rematch, Gomis will have to extend his fitness for a long time, or Mostafa will have to spend one of his career nights.

And, of course, Kerem, who makes this game meaningful, needs to stay healthy and come out with the best physique until the match.

When I say goodbye to the line, I hope that the representative Galatasaray will succeed before the rematch.