Exercise even if you are sitting

Doctor of Cardiovascular Surgeon. Dr. Deniz Günay states that inactivity is the fourth risk factor for death worldwide and emphasizes that sports should be a necessity, not a hobby, for a healthy life. bottom. “In the past, exercise was a necessity, not an option. Today it’s a hobby and a favorite, but exercise and exercise have a bigger health impact on our body than we expected,” Gunay said. , Listed its health benefits. “Exercise reduces the negative effects of aging on the body, promotes the removal of oxygen radicals, regulates blood circulation, makes the immune system function more regularly, lowers cholesterol and blood vessel levels, and repairs damaged blood vessels. Stimulates and forms new blood vessels It reduces chronic inflammation, inflammatory markers (it helps lower levels of CRP (like CRP). Gunai, abandonment and nutrition of habits where these effects are harmful. It emphasizes that we must not forget that it will increase with the regulation of.

Increased blood circulation
The cardiothoracic surgeon stated that there are very simple exercises that can be performed even in the work environment in which we are sitting, and explained by routinely performing movements that can be performed frequently during the day. Fingertip lift) It’s easy to do, especially for people with venous problems. ) Exercise enhances blood circulation in the legs and helps with good health. Walk for 3 minutes every 2 or 30 minutes for anyone who has to work in the office or at home. Stretching exercises before going to bed improve both sleep quality and blood circulation. Remember to increase circulation and reduce muscle pain. “

Anaerobic in the meantime Note!
A total of 150 minutes a week for people without health problems, according to the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association. Mild to moderate intensity (aerobic) or 75 minutes. Gunay said he recommends intense (anaerobic) exercise, and that if this time is distributed throughout the week according to a person’s potential, it is determined that the effect will not diminish. increase. Günay’s suggestion for the duration of aerobic exercise is to plan aerobic exercise as 3/50 sessions each and anaerobic exercise as 3/25 sessions each. Günay emphasizes that it is necessary to be careful about increasing these times, and in addition to the benefits of anaerobic exercise, excessive cases, especially those with cardiovascular disease, are harmful when doing anaerobic exercise. Emphasize that it can cause an impact.

short term With session Important to get started
It is important for heart and blood vessel patients to prefer aerobic exercise, and specialist Günay says it may be beneficial to start with a short session to motivate exercise and exercise. Gunai; “You can start with a 5 or 10 minute session and increase the session time by 5 minutes a week. Exercises such as active walking, running, cycling, jumping ropes, climbing stairs, dancing, swimming, etc. are the heart. Very beneficial to the vasculature. These sports are performed on a regular basis and can increase heart rate, dilate blood vessels, reduce plaque formation in blood vessels and lower blood pressure.