Evander’s Statement by Elden Timur-TRT Spor


Timur made a statement to the press at the Yellow Red football team’s second stage camp in the town of Stans in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria.

Timur said the camp went well and the players were in good spirits. “Last season is a good time to motivate the old players who struggled. The unity is very good. The new players blended in very easily. The training program is very intense. Our coach said: “We are also very happy. It is very nice for the newcomers to interact immediately. We have our transfer strategy prepared and ready. We are guaranteed We built it on players.We took offers from important clubs in Europe and focused on footballers who were tenacious and ready to play when they arrived.Our All transfers were placed in the top 11 and our coaches are happy with their performance.” He said.

When asked about the expectations of the fans for the transfer, “criticism goes too far.” Elden Timur said:

“We wait for the right decision. It’s been 20-21 days since the list was over. I think it’s important to do business at these costs in the meantime. Our mistakes and shortcomings are certain. Yes, I don’t object to this. In the end, at the end of the transfer season and the end of the football season, your heart and goodwill won. The future is clear. We don’t waste penny. We find the right players, we find them … now our first 11 are complete. Then wait for the opportunity player. Don’t hurry. Prices from August It starts to fall. The player we want is also a middle-upstream European player. The name their team wants. Players need to give up hope from there too. We are already waiting for August 15th. Our teacher’s determination will guide us on the right path. No one needs to worry. These are not a waste of time. They are a waste. Add 3 million euros and move them two weeks ahead of schedule. It’s no use bringing in the missing people. For those who don’t want it. We’ve lived this for years. We’ve got 10 players and their money is gone. “

“I want to get the best alternative”


Erden Temur said they are working to get the best players.

Expressing that he will not transfer the wrong players for applause and recognition, Timur continued:

“We bring the players to a specific point. We want to get the best of the alternatives. I’m a fan too, so I understand the impatience. It’s not a good idea to make the wrong transfer. “Turkey is the last stop for players who do not meet the standards of the players and who have not received offers from European clubs. You would have had a “transfer window, you got everything you wanted, you did everything.” Is possible. “

The yellow-red coach said there were two options in front of him. For example, choosing the right one for your team or yourself. “From some point on, pressure can force people to choose the one that suits them. That’s why we try not to obey anything. Pressure isn’t out of place. I understand everyone’s excitement. , We are the right decision in this environment. Do not compromise on the criteria you initially set. “ The evaluation was done.

“Our teacher works with great care.”

The vice-president of Galatasaray Sportif Ash Timur said he would not transfer football players outside the criteria determined solely to acquire them.

Emphasizing that the new transfer’s contribution is an example of Burg’s meticulous work, Timur said:Our teachers work with great care. The fact that the short-term transfer has contributed to the team shows how meticulous this work is done. Our coaches want their teams to work day and night to pick the best of the players they bring to the final point. ” Said.

“The important thing is not to be the champion of the transfer season.” Timur said:

“When we want to praise ourselves, we make mistakes. In Ceferovic’s career, he bought a midfielder for around €4 million with a contract of four or five years and a salary of €7-8 million. Dubois is a footballer who was captain of Lyon, played for the French national team.I’m sure of his age.He had a salary of 1 million 640 thousand euros, but we gave him 1 million 80 You paid a million euros and you bring in a player in two days and you get a round of applause, but everyone turns and faces their consciences, same for the next transfer Act

We are looking for a high energy soccer player who can play in 6th place, bite and play contact games. He must also be a ready and experienced player in a good club in Europe. We do not use these at all. There are suggested names, but we certainly don’t take them. There is a conflict of interest here. The manager said, “We got these. Their names are also known. He says, crowning himself and applauding. The player did not work. When he said, “We did our best.” Is possible. Here, the entire team works day and night. There is no easy way. The actual event will be decided at the end of the season. We do not make decisions for no reason. We respect everyone’s enthusiasm. We have the same enthusiasm. We feel the same as the fans, but we have a responsibility. “

Timur said there are many criteria for player transfers and they work with different companies. “We did a migration analysis of the last 15 years. We looked at what was done so well and how we could go further with those truths. We don’t make the mistakes we make. You should try to do it. “ He said.

“Mitsujo is one of our coach’s A-list players.”

Arden Timur says Norwegian midfielder Fredrik Mitsujo, who plays for Dutch side AZ Alkmaar, is on the Group A transfer list.

Timur said he reached the final point at Mitzsheh and said: “Mitsujo is one of our coaches’ favorite Group A list players, with three or four players from the start. When we first asked him, he said he would not sell the club. In many respects it has come to an end.. They want to play and send some matches and we don’t want to. It means that it is important.It shows.Trying to get one of the best players in the club is a process that takes time.We do not compromise our opinion.This is Galatasaray That’s right for you. “ I used a phrase.

Timur said he did not advance to any position as he only had one option. “But we are not looking for easy alternatives. I was talking to a star player yesterday and he said, ‘You were 13th last season. What do you think the reason is?’ He asked.16 items We’ll show them to the house they live in. We’ll try a very difficult player.Meet Mitsujo and a player you may not be aware of at the moment. Expressed his opinion.

Describing the work of director Okan Buruk, Timur said:Okan Hodja can make your job easier, but it doesn’t compromise on all principles. At the end of the day, we will all understand how right we were during the season. We spend this time blaming. I have no objection to that. ” He said.

Elden Timur, remembering a previous failed transfer, “How much money Galatasaray spent on some positions did not meet expectations and wasted money. On July 6th to 7th, three very important foreigners We got a player Three total testimonies are less than testimonials We give a lot of football players. Finally, fan money. We carry the trust of 20 million people. ” I do not accept it. ” The evaluation was done.

“I’m interested in Ali Akman”

Timur said he is interested in Ali Akmann, who is testifying for Eintracht Frankfurt, one of the German league teams.

Timur, who did not reveal the details of the ants, “One of the players to watch. I can’t say anything else.” Said.

Emphasizing that a striker with at least the quality of Haris Seferovic is on the agenda, Erden Timur said: “We have a plan to get a foreign striker of the same level. Our coach also thinks of Gomis in the team. Gomis’ expectations and attitude are also very important. This year his character. “I want to create a team that harmonizes with the team.” ” He said.

Speaking to the General Assembly on Sunday 31 July at the Yellow Red Club, Timur said: “The transfer is very important, but it is also important to get approval at this General Assembly in Galatasaray. We are currently in the process of creating a major preparation for infrastructure.From these resources an infrastructure fund will be created and the proceeds will always go to infrastructure.It is very well prepared.The president is at the construction site every day Why We Haven’t Succeeded For a long time in Europe, instead of always thinking about the future, they want a solid contribution to today’s top 11. They need to plan for both the present and the future. I have.” He concludes his speech.