European commentary by Gabriel Karayel-TRT Spor


Karael said he sees the away game with Bait Barysaw in Europe on July 21 as a matter of his homeland, saying, “Europe is another medium and a matter of homeland. So success. We need to represent our country in Europe as much as we represent a club. “

Konyaspor, who completed the Super League in 3rd place last season and qualified for the UEFA Europa Conference League, continues the camp process in Erzurum.

Konyaspor, who wants to start Europe and the Super League more powerfully, continues to strengthen its staff. Included in the camp staff as a new transfer to Konyaspor and continuing his work rapidly, Sebrer Karael said he was excited to come to a very high quality club. An experienced soccer player said he was looking forward to the day he would appear in front of his fans in a European match, saying that the word “tactics” came to mind when Ilhan Palt was mentioned.

“We are working quickly to prepare for the European match.”

Sebrer Karael, on the right back of Konyaspor, said he is still preparing for the match against Europe in Erzurum. I wasn’t used to breathing on the first day. We are getting used to the weather here every day and our work is going well. We are working quickly for the next European match. Our teachers like the Erzurum facility for camping every year. Pitch, bed and food are all good here. For these reasons, our Erzurum camp is on track. “


“I continue to work personally”

Karael has stated that he continues to work individually for the season, saying: Still, I continued to study as an individual. A professional actor should not be zero in his performance, he should continue his individual work. I will continue to work individually in this direction, “he said.

“I’m in a very corporate and quality club”

Karael said this season will be as successful as last season, “I’m excited to be in Konyaspor because I’m a very corporate and quality club. I feel it from the first moment I walk through the door. This season we want to catch up with last season’s success. We have qualified teachers and very talented staff. Our friendship and family atmosphere are good. At least as successful as last season. Will do. “

“When I think of 0054lhan Palut, the word” tactics “comes to me.”

Karael, who said Ilhan Palt was a huge success, said: “When I think of Ilhan Palt, the word” tactics “comes to mind. I think we are a couple of steps ahead of our competitors when he is in charge. I started tactical training slowly. We respect him more and more every day. “

“Europe is another channel. I see this as a homeland issue.”

A 27-year-old soccer player also said he sees the match in Europe as a matter of his homeland. “From the moment I arrived, I felt like I was here. I want to do everything I can to contribute to the team. Currently, there are two people in my position. I am. We are working hard to become 11 starting players. Europe is another medium and I see it as a national issue. We need to succeed there. We represent the club. Representing our country in Europe as much as we do. To be successful, we have a very capable team and are working in this direction. “

“I’m looking forward to playing in front of the fans.”

Cebrail Karayel said he would like to meet Konyaspor fans as soon as possible, saying: “When I came to Konya, the fans excited me. I had some problems during the pandemic, but I expect a lot of enthusiasm from the fans. In front of the fans. I’m looking forward to the first appearance. I’ll play on the 21st, but I’m hoping fans will fill the stand in the first home match. They will be our 12th guy, they are very Has a good driving force. “