Esports is starting to become a very serious industry.

Vice President Fuat OktayParticipated in the Esports Talk held at the ATO Congressium as part of the Ankara Youth and Esports Festival.

In his speech here, Oktay shared his experience with the digitization process in the public sphere, saying that young people know best about the points of digitization and where it goes.

Oktay recalled that he had experienced an epidemic process in the last two years, and said that there was a process that he had never experienced in the last 100 years, and everyone witnessed it.

Oktay said:

“There was a service provided by the state. I sent almost everyone working in the state home for a period of time, but all the services continued. How did they continue? By digitization. That is, this. We have prepared the infrastructure for. Long ago, we moved all the services that the state provided to our citizens to a virtual environment, e-environment. What do you call e-Sports? And we have prepared e-Government. Therefore, the life cycle of all of us has changed completely in the last two years. Our outlook on life, our daily lives and the way we do business have all changed. We were ready for this as a state. We had begun preparations in advance.

Of course, I didn’t anticipate the epidemic, but in the event of an epidemic, I immediately started the service. Immediately after transferring the government to e-government, he established the Artificial Intelligence Commission. Use artificial intelligence in addition to all these databases we have created to keep your state smart. I have a very serious and large database. I want to be smart. So let’s remove the human element from where it’s not needed and automate some parts. Therefore, the service you receive will be much faster. Deliver stronger, higher quality services wherever humanity is needed. “

“Esports is now a sport”

Sharing the knowledge that research in the field of esports dates back to the 1950s, Oktay said they have moved to another dimension since the 2000s.

Emphasizing that esports is now a sport with tournaments and leagues, Oktay said:

“This is a sport with coaches, teams, leagues, national and international federations (including legal and legal aspects). Like soccer leagues, there are basketball leagues.” E-sports are very serious. It is a sport. Not only in Turkey but also in the world. “We’re starting to become a sector. We’re currently talking about a sector worth well over $ 100 billion. As Turkey, we’re indifferent to this. As a state, we don’t have the opportunity to be indifferent anyway. In addition, we pioneered the establishment of a federation. Together with the federation, it strives to establish the infrastructure of the sports branch. “

“We have to create our own concept.”

Emphasizing that there are very serious traces left where localization and nationalization began, Oktay said research in the field of defense industry is one example.

Oktay continued:

“What we do in the field of defense industry is to accurately apply artificial intelligence to the work used in games. Looking at the dimension of artificial intelligence, in various fields, the infrastructure in that field is. I’m a friend of this hall, that is, hiring there. New things are born. In other words, you invent. Therefore, I should start to create unique concepts in this field as well.

As we globalize, we will travel around the world with one foot firmly in Anatolia and the other on the compass. So is this sport. This sport is much better. This means that you can travel from China to many countries in America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia in one day. You have friends from many countries, are you on the same team? You actually have a multicultural background compared to other sports. That’s why I think it’s useful to think of esports not only as a sport in itself, but also as an infrastructure for other sectors. “

“Discipline is essential in all areas”

Mentioning addiction in the field of esports, Fuat Oktay warned that, like any other field of sports, there is a need for discipline in this area.

Oktay advises young people on game addiction, saying:

“I find it very beneficial for you to control that thin line on your own scale, on your own scale, with addiction. Like all other areas, this area is suddenly addicted. It can change to. It’s not up to us How do you understand it? It’s out of our own control. That is, despite your desires, you sleep, You can avoid work and sleep. Towards addiction. You need to draw a line there. I think it’s useful to raise awareness here. “

In response to questions about visa issues, especially overseas tournaments, Octai said, “If athletes and athletes in other sports fields do not experience the problem abroad, we will prevent you from experiencing it. It will play a role. ” He said.

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