Errol Burto: “Our goal is to score points against Galatasaray”



Gaziantep FK technical director Errol Burt said in a statement before training: “Galatasaray are at home so they play under pressure. Galatasaray have seven points despite scoring two goals in the league. “They want to win the game too. It’s our only game. The goal is to score points or get the points we need away and go home.”

The red and black team, which continues to prepare for the Galatasaray match, started training with the opening match and stretching. Continuing with tactical exercises, the training ended with a double goal match.

“We fought well against Antalya”

Gaziantep FK Technical Director Errol Burt made a statement to the press ahead of the training session. Bulut said the team played well against Antalyaspor in Week 4 and that he scored three points was an important win for his team.

“We started the Antalyaspor match very well and found goals early. “Unfortunately, we started. “We play away from them. We didn’t have enough pace. They were 2-1 forwards. We made three substitutions in the second half and the system was fine.” A friend who changed his name and joined the game contributed really well.I made good use of the position I took, and it was a good day.I fought well in this game and got 3 points.”


“We have soccer players”

Erol Bulut said he has met several footballers regarding transfers. Brett said he started the league well and said he scored 10 points in four games. Burto explained that they have not had their legs cut off in the league and will continue to be active in the future, adding: “I had a meeting with Bori about the transfer. Sagar’s exchange was being discussed here. , “Sagal. After all, it didn’t happen and I made it clear in my previous speech. About Sagal. The transfer issue is closed. On the other hand, there are players we talked about. Which of them are us? Let’s see if we can join ‘in the next few days. We’ll see together. The team was showing us this: Minor shortcomings and “These shortcomings still exist. No. We need to be realistic. We want to reduce mistakes and increase our pace.”

“I want to score points from Galatasaray”

Evaluating the Galatasaray match, Errol Burt said the excitement of a match against a big team is always high and he wants to score points or points from the match. Bulut, who assessed that Galatasaray will be playing high-pressure football at home, concluded:

“Of course the big games are always exciting. The atmosphere is played in a perfect atmosphere. We play in front of 40,000 to 50,000 fans. It’s a good game for football. “Fans, it will not be an easy game for us. After all, Galatasaray are at home, so the pressure is on. He will play. Galatasaray have scored two goals in the league. 7 points despite the fact that they also want to win the match.. Our only goal is to get the points or the points we need and go home.

Meanwhile, Gaziantep FK fans attended training and supported their team.