Erol Brut: We’re trying to make a good mix-TRT Spor


Gaziantep FK coach Erol Bulut said, “I think foreign rule should be free. I have always said this. I will continue to protect. In this league, training young players in our country is not. It is interpreted as not possible. Do not play. The problem of young soccer players is completely infrastructure related. “

Gaziantep FK coach Erol Bulut, who camped in Bol before the new season, made a special statement to the Demirören News Agency (DHA). Erol Brut said he would start the season away from Siva Spor, saying, “I wish you good luck in the new season. I want a league that is free of accidents and troubles. I hope it will be a league with few mistakes and a fast pace. The first match is against Sivaspor. The season starts at Sivaspor. It’s a good team. “, A club that has represented Turkey for three seasons in Europe. It’s a tough match. Prepare accordingly. I collected a lot of players. After all, you will play with all teams inside and outside. We prepare well. I hope it will be a good league for Gaziantep FK. I wish. “

“We want to choose a player who can reach the goal we want and start the league that way.”

Brutt said the transfer effort is ongoing. “At this time, like any other team, we’re putting a lot of effort into the transfer. The transfer committee is trying to transfer the identified players. It’s a bit late, but I’ll be there in the next few days. Hope to reach a better level with the players to play. We are now in Bol during the first camp. We played two friendly matches. There are seven friendly matches before us. Yes. We need to be better. We are preparing. We have soccer players to play. On behalf of the Gaziantep FK, we choose players who can reach our goals. “I want to start the league that way.” He said.

“We are trying to make a good mix”


Brutt said he is working to create a good mix with young and experienced names: “There are people who have left us. There are people who are leaving and people who are coming. These names have There are young and experienced players. “I’m trying to make a good mix. As he said earlier, he hopes he transferred at the beginning of the season. If you’re ready, you’ll have a good start to the league, “he said.

Erol Brut said that defending the dominance of foreign players should always be free, saying:

“I think foreign rules should be free. I’ve always said this, and I keep it. In this league, in our country, you can’t train young players, they Is interpreted as not playing. Young soccer players are a problem that is completely related to infrastructure. For young soccer players to come, coaches need to be trained because of the good infrastructure. ” Need more education. Coaches need to guide young people and make better preparations. He just bought a soccer player from U19 and he started playing. He is not very good. There is no such world. Soccer players need to be more prepared. This is now. It’s literally no one in our country. Soccer players, except for a few teams. I would be happy if a few people come out a year. Because young players have grown up. However, this is not enough. Produce more. “

Brutt concludes his words by saying that he can lift restrictions on foreign players and set certain standards.

“It is said that there are always older players in Turkey. We are looking for players aged 34 and 35. We also need to look for experienced names. For example, if we introduce the standard, we are over the age. For young people who can bring in a limited number of people, we can increase the number of people under the age of 24. Our federation is trying this. I hope. “I hope it will improve in the next few years. With the exception of 14 foreigners, you have three more players under the age of 21 this season. This is a good start. This is even more in the future. It may be improved. “