Erol Brut: Transferred, but not enough


Gaziantep football club coach Errol Brut said new transfers need to be accelerated before it’s too late to strengthen the team. “But we’re not enough. We have a few more transfers,” Bulut said.

Gaziantep FK Technical Director Erolbrut evaluated the team’s league match and transfer process. Bulut announced that it has changed the team’s system, starting work on June 19th.

The players have been rigorously trained and are aiming to join the league soon with a new transfer to join the team, Bulut recalls that there have been two transfers so far. He said:


“We said the transfer would be slower.”

“We’ve made a couple of transfers so far. But we’re not enough. There are a few more transfers. Our transfer committee is already working on it. We’re interested. Oyongo, who is considering buying it with him, is a good player, but there are also problems. I have been injured due to less play in the last two years, as doctors report that it may not be desirable. Can’t guarantee that. In fact, no transfers have been made yet. As of this year, I have announced the desired positions. I have transferred these positions to the Sports Director and Transfer Committee. I transferred. As of today, I said it was a bit late. I need to move a little faster. I don’t have enough staff. I have a good match during the preparation period, but it’s enough for this league. Not. We need to improve the quality. We will do this as soon as possible. “

“Impossible in the current situation”

Last year’s transfer wasn’t very successful and he said he would empower the team with a new transfer. “I changed the system. I didn’t want to change the system two years ago last year. I’ve already tried the transfer accordingly. The transfer wasn’t very successful last year, but as I said, it’s not enough to look at the status quo. Our players have done their best so far. We don’t lose if we don’t win. We go out to win. We work hard. The upcoming new transfer will raise the level of this team a bit. “

“Hopefully change the image”

Brut states that Shivas is the first team to face in the Super League and they want to be strong in this area. “Sivas is one of the most powerful teams in our league. We are the team that has participated in Europe over the last three seasons. We are trying to get Sivaspor ready in the best possible way. Last year we were in the top three of the league. The house was good, but unfortunately I couldn’t show the image because of the high scores. There are many opportunities on the road. But we couldn’t take advantage of it. This year, our first match will be against Sivas and hopefully it will change that image. “

“That’s to be president …”

This year, he said he needed to add new power to the team, saying, “We should criticize ourselves rather than blame others for the transfers we have received because of the problems we have experienced. Most of the transfers got my approval. Some of them didn’t provide the performance we wanted. As of today, we don’t know where to end or set goals this year. We need to put something on the staff. We have 3 weeks, we have to go. “Unfortunately we haven’t been able to move forward so far,” he said. ..