Ergin Ataman: Georgian police attacked our team


The national men’s basketball team, who will be competing in the FIBA ​​2022 European Championship, lost to Georgia by a score of 88-83 after the second extra time.

Elgin Ataman, head coach of the men’s national basketball team, had this to say about what happened at the Georgia game:

Elgin Ataman “The fact that 22 seconds were not played is scandalous. When Furkan Korkmaz went to the locker room, a non-playing Georgian player was attacked.They hid Furkan in the coach’s room.FIBA.Show of strength allowed here Athletes are hungry at the hotel. Diet has nothing to do with sports nutrition. Said.

Former actor on screen “You are heartlessExpressing condemnation of his remarks, the ataman said, “These players are heartbroken. If we fail, I am to blame, not the players. When ex-players who have not been able to fight among themselves in the past and have been unsuccessful say to the players, It hurts the player “you are heartless”. Said.

Furkan Korkmaz: Two Georgian players and a guard attacked us

“Two Georgian players and a security guard attacked us on our way to the locker room with Ellen Hoka. Five ran towards us and attacked us and we defended ourselves.” They are standing upright together. ”


“Brother Ellen didn’t want safety. He just wanted to be with me. Without him, three Georgian players would have approached me. Even now what is happening is unacceptable no one can speak to me like that and anyone who does will get an answer like that In an organization, it would be very wrong to turn a blind eye to such vulnerabilities and anything else.

“During the game, everything was very chaotic. There were the Georgian players and the guards. The guards didn’t want to leave. They weren’t good intentions. I didn’t know if there were any fans.”

Ömer Onan: It’s very clear that there was a rule error in the match

Turkish Basketball Federation general coordinator Ömer Onan announced that a player and conditioner were attacked in the locker room after Furkan Korkmaz was kicked out of the game.

Omer Onan “Hidayet Turkol has reached out to FIBA. After the game, I spoke with FIBA ​​officials. There are two or three separate scandals here. They are very embarrassed. FIBA has also stepped up security measures here.” Said.

“It is very clear that there was a rule error in the match. We are waiting to see what decision they make. However, FIBA ​​has not yet received the footage. There will be.” This is Turgay Demirel, a Turk. Okay don’t call us but people call teachers and call Farkan.After all these kids went through this.It’s very sad that he didn’t call is.

“We will not withdraw from the tournament just because there is a fight here. Our wish is to make the right decision after the footage. They attack our players and sit on the sidelines.” .FIBA is inescapable.This should be a very severe sanction without footage.”

“If there is no security here, there is no point in us being here. It just so happened that the footage was taken down. FIBA ​​should impose very severe sanctions on this matter. Dignity. We’ll see how both the error of the rules and the disgrace end.”

Cesar Yavuz – Sports Editor