Erden Timur: As Galatasaray, we shouldn’t share our income with anyone

The new President of Galatasaray will begin his mission in the elections tomorrow. Elden Timur, who is on the list of Galatasaray presidential candidate Dursun Özbek and is responsible for the project, has issued a statement to Demi Loren News Agency (DHA). Noting that Galatasaray’s debt is 2.6 billion TL, of which 2.2 billion is principal, Timur said this amount reached 2.6 in a year. Elden Timur, who said debt is a floating rate, said, “In other words, the TL reference rate is plus 1.5. It’s plus 1 above 20. Given Turkey’s inflation rate, it’s currently 70% and the interest rate is It can be over 70%. Current interest rates are very low. Despite the low interest rates, you will pay an interest rate of 400 million lira. It turns out to be 35. If you pay 36, you will get a percentage. It means interest, or 1 billion interest per year. Therefore, debt that has increased to 2.2 billion in teens adds as much interest as debt for two years, which is an unsustainable situation. 26 It’s enough to pay $ 100 million, but unfortunately that’s not enough. Again, it has to look realistic. If you sell Florya, if you sell Mecidiyeköy, the income from Riva is not enough. Suddenly, isn’t this income coming every year? If you say 400 to 500 million interest, the debt repayment rate doesn’t match the speed of collection. “

“We do the construction and all the income keeps us.”

Timur elaborated on real estate, saying, “Floria has a 22nd phase location. To date, a five- to six-year project in Floria has been to build this location in Emraconut. Any developer. But about 850 “Galatasaray earns millions of dollars, what about the conditions for emula coconuts? Floria is legitimately evacuating. Before that, I hadn’t evacuated. Therefore, it is necessary to build Kemelburgaz. The cost is 300 million lira. Construction will take 1.5 years. 1.5 years. The annual interest accrual is 650 million lira. Therefore, there are 950 costs and 800 income. Nothing comes out of Florya to pay the debt. You cannot pay the debt for the rest. Of Mecidiyeköy and Riva. l Resolution. We have completed the construction and all income is left to us. This is just a model for every project. “

“We need to leave a legacy in the future. With these funds, we will buy new land for Riva and Floria.”

After this model, Timur said that 9.5 billion figures came to Galatasaray, “When you pay debt to Galatasaray from here, you have 6.1 funds left. This is the most important point for Galatasaray. Save both. Because you have to do it. Don’t let the debt build up. Anyone who pays the debt just to pay the debt will be the “best president”. Still, there is no future solution. Debt accumulates over 20 years. Again, you need to create an asset that is your principal so that you don’t accumulate debt. No one can touch it. The number called 6.1 billion always stays there. It will be Galatasaray’s black gold coin. No one can touch it. Neither the next government nor this one nor the next one can use it. You can only use that income. It is also possible to spend all of that income. That’s what you want. It’s not a sustainable success. It doesn’t happen if you spend everything on the transfer. What we did was split that money. For example, future assets will be spent on infrastructure. If you can talk about these today you have, it’s thanks to the legacy left to us in the past. We must leave a legacy for the future. The fund will purchase new land for Floria in Rivas. What happens is the Amateur Branch Fund. Therefore, the number of establishments will be separated. “

“Galatasaray hasn’t promoted anything for years.”

“Galatasaray hasn’t done anything about its establishment for years. There are facility plans. As soon as it arrives, the current administration urgently needs € 30 million. Apart from that, 2 It costs between € 50 million and € 300 million. Real estate projects and facilities need lira. That’s the board. ”Unfortunately, these projects cannot be started without funding. In summary, we have proposed these projects to do this in a very auditable and transparent way. For the future of Galatasaray. When these projects come to the General Assembly, the General Assembly will make the final decision. You need to take an acre. The president’s bail is required here, but the General Assembly allows it. We adopt an alternative model to get that place from the General Assembly, and whatever the General Assembly wants to do with Mesidikeoi. This will be decided at the General Assembly, but this model will be written under all the suggestions we present. If you make money, which model will be evaluated? What will the funds look like? Who will be the supervisor when these projects are underway? He must be one of the four great inspectors in the world. Be sure to specify an independent audit office for each project. We call it the Galatasaray presidential system, but the first is the general assembly system. If the General Assembly gives the President these powers, he does not even have the power to sign. It’s a full-scale system story. If you think it has something to do with the future of Galatasaray, don’t just write your name on the list, name your project, and number it next to it. There is no such thing. What we do, how we do it, what causality we do, and what model we do it with. After doing this, you need to explain how to transform your income into a sustainable system. That’s why, in every presentation, every conference, we communicate them clearly one by one, so everyone praises and supports these works. The future of Galatasaray passes here. He is 6.1 billion people. When everything is done, the facility is built and everything is done, we will never spend the rest of the money, “he said.