Enis Destan wants a Trabzonspor jersey!

Trabzonspor and Ennis Destan, one of the strikers of the Ümit national football team, said his goal was to get a burgundy blue team jersey and be promoted to the A national team.

Enis Destan answered questions from AA correspondents at the Ümit National Team camps in Kazakhstan on Friday, June 10th and in Istanbul and Denmark on Tuesday, June 14th.

A young soccer player said he expects second-placed Denmark to lose points while the Ümit national team, which is 7 points and third in Group I, leaves the group. Go ahead and finish with a good match and a good score. ” Said.

Ennis Destan, “Brak Yılmaz said goodbye to the national team. The rotation is relatively narrow compared to other positions. Can we meet in the national team soon?” “The dream of a soccer player is to play in the national team. That’s one of my dreams. The important thing is to do my best, play a lot of games, and catch them. I’ll continue to use them. There aren’t enough games next season. I will make up for that. I want to be promoted to the national team in the coming season. ” He replied.

A 19-year-old soccer player who moved to Trabzonspor during the half of last season said of his first term on the Burgundy blue team:

“We were in the championship at Trabzonspor, but we couldn’t find a uniform. But it will be permanent in the coming season, we will play more games and we will have more championships at Trabzonspor. I want to win. Hamlet has been around for 38 years and is now a champion. I think I broke my devil’s leg. I will be a champion next season. Championship I felt very different. For the first time. It was also the Super League Championship. I would like to experience it again. “

Enis Destan, “There is an important foreign forward in Trabzonspor. Do you think you will get a jersey at this tournament?” “Hopefully. Why? I went to Trabzonspor to play, not sit down. I’m here. I want to work harder, do more of what Abdullah Hoka said, and get a jersey from another striker. ” I gave the answer.

“ABDULL AHHOCA is very disciplined”

Ennis emphasized that working with Abdullah Avc at Trabzonspor is in his favor, “Abdullah Hoja is very disciplined. He is tactically different from other coaches. He provides everything for our growth. Follow him and grow more. “

The young soccer player expressed his excitement for the Champions League, saying, “I’m experiencing the Champions League excitement for the first time. This is a very good feeling for me. Abdullah Hoja and his team are all about possible opponents. Also, I had a good start of the season camp and got to the playoff stage. “I want to stay in the group and get good results. Then I want to stay in the last 16 games, quarterfinals and semifinals. In a good place. Finish. I want to listen to Champions League music in the field. I think it feels different. I hope I can get good results with that feeling. ” He said.

“League you want to play in the Bundesliga”

Ennis Destan said he was watching a match in a European league, saying, “I especially follow the Bundesliga and the Premier League. Both are very fun leagues, but the league I want to play is the Bundesliga. I can play too. I hope. “I made a statement.

A young soccer player added that his idol was Bayern Munich star soccer player Robert Lewandowski.