EMRA Announces … Flash Decision on Electricity Charges

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Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) Chairman Mustafa Yurmaz said the maximum settlement price has been set at 2500 TL (per MW) for natural gas and imported coal-fired power plants and 1200 TL for other power plants. rice field. “With this kind of temporary mechanism in place in some European countries, power plants will also share the cost of consumers’ electricity bills,” Yılmaz said.

Written statement made by EMRA; In the previous statement of the institution, the difference in power generation costs is close, but there is no problem in the market, but the difference in power generation resource costs has increased significantly, which is more than a reasonable increase. It was emphasized that the increase was brought about. Free market price. It was stated that this situation poses a risk of price increases not only for producers, but also for all consumers who purchase energy from the free market or from regulated tariffs. At the board meeting on March 17, power plants that cannot produce due to rising resource costs also contribute to supply safety, preventing electricity prices from reaching unreasonable values, protecting consumers.

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“We do not reduce the market structure”

According to the statement, today’s Energy Market Regulatory Commission has set a maximum settlement price for power plants. After the meeting, EMRA Chairman Mustafa Yurmaz recalls that winter and spring precipitation is at a satisfactory level for hydropower, but the high cost of imported products still keeps market prices at very high levels. I let you.

“On the one hand, there are low-cost power plants, and on the other hand, there are high-cost power plants that are a major source of employment but face the risk of closure. We are experiencing an extraordinary era. It is imperative to balance these processes, saying, “We will protect the sustainability of the market through full cooperation with support mechanisms. We will never allow the market structure to deteriorate.” He said.

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“The free market structure is protected”

Maximum settlement price determined as a starting point. EMRA President Yılmaz explained that natural gas and imported coal-fired power plants are 2,500 TL (per MW) and other power plants are 1200 TL, and these figures are sent to EPSTRUCTAŞ for support costs. A pool covering is created in the light of the numbers.

“Since support fees are shared in a fair and transparent manner, billing does not rise to cover all consumers, which contributes to the security of market supply,” Yumaz said. Due to the temporary mechanism of, it is also applied in some European countries, and the power plant also shares the cost of the consumer’s electricity bill. “In this process, our decision is insurance, our fairness. Should be regarded as a safety valve to protect a competitive structure in. A market enforced by the authority of law. In this process, both the country and the people are making great sacrifices, our industry is also that. I need to play a role, and I sincerely believe that it will happen. ”