Emotional Statement from Arda Turan-TRTSpor

Arda Turan made a statement on GS TV stating that soccer players are also human and are doing their best.The fact that people think about their family, children, or financial situation does not mean that they love Galatasaray. I did the opposite. My priority is always Galatasaray.” Said.

“I don’t know if I will stop playing soccer”

“I don’t know if I will quit soccer.” Arda said, “My wife also asked me, “Sit down and talk.” I said. Maybe I’m quitting, maybe I’m not. In retrospect, I pledge allegiance to Galatasaray fans, the Galatasaray community, and everyone. It was a difficult journey with sadness and suffering, but it was very beautiful. “” I used the phrase.

He said he was from Galatasaray and has always shown this, Arda said. “People shouldn’t let you talk about my Galatasaray. You don’t have to do that. I’m from Galatasaray and have shown this in every action of my life.‘ He said.

“I couldn’t stand goodbye.”

Arda emphasized that he was happy not to say goodbye to himself.I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t want to make it special.‘He commented.

Recalling that he entered through the Galatasaray Gate in 1999, Arda said, “Today is 2022. I haven’t left Galatasaray in the last few years. When I went, I talked to others about Galatasaray’s transfer. If Galatasaray is considering who, talk to that player. I followed the match in Galatasaray’s infrastructure. I was in Galatasaray as far as I can remember, but 1999-202 is a very long time. This is a great process. “ I made a statement.

“We are always Galatasaray”

Arda said he didn’t go to Floria to say goodbye.I really can’t stand it. I can have children, but the staff can’t. They are invaluable to me. I can’t stand young players. We are always Galatasaray and always serve Galatasaray. It is also a service to love Galatasaray from the outside.‘ He said.

When asked about caring for young players and watching games, Arda said, “I want children to feel that they are not alone in the infrastructure. All players in the Galatasaray infrastructure are extremely valuable. You have the eyes of Galatasaray A-Team and professional soccer team. “You can come here (team) at any time.” I go there to talk to you. Going there on your own makes you emotional. I love playing at Galatasaray Infrastructure. It was a time of fun, happiness and incredible success. “ I gave the answer.

“I want to lead the team that played for one day”

Arda is interested in whether he plans to become a coach after finishing his football career. “I want to be in charge of the team that played the day,” he said. I used the phrase.

Arda thanked Galatasaray fans for their support. “Thank you for living with us and supporting me throughout my journey. They are all halal. Thanks to them, they always supported me on the stand. I know they got angry because they loved me so much. To be honest, we had a great day. I know I’m one of the most special actors who can hear a full voice. I always felt it. Everything was great for them. Thank you very much. “ He finished his speech.