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Chebi stated that the actor has a dream and wants to go. “There is no unconscious effort or consent in football. If a football player does not have it in his heart when he goes on the field, he cannot succeed. “If a man doesn’t play, no one can do anything. There’s no such thing as brute force and beauty. ‘No, don’t play here.’ “No, I want to go,” he said. Said.

Noting that Emirhan’s contracts are 5 million a year and continue to grow each year, Sebi said: Stay here” used the phrase.

“Now, the Europe that everyone dreams of begins.”

“Contracts with actors under the age of 18 are void,” Cebi said, adding that Emirhan Ilkhan’s family did not answer calls in the process.

“I don’t want to do bad things to soccer players.” Sevi continued:


“They are our children. They played for Besiktas and they have spared no effort. We should be grateful for their efforts. There are strict measures and sanctions: For football players under the age of 18, there is no process considered valid once they turn 18. Emirhan from Besiktas’ infrastructure. An agreement was made to pay wages of about 5 million. His manager demanded a zero price exit. An agreement was made that if negotiations reached 4.5 million, he could leave. If I bring an artillery player who has played 600 minutes to Besiktas, I will be held accountable. “

Mr. Sebi, who also criticizes the manager, “Among the coaches, there are players from Besiktas and not. If you look at the players from Besiktas, there is not a single applicant who would put the team in a difficult situation. Hasic, Ljajic. His partner is the manager of several basketball players. He has been with them for the benefit of Besiktas since the day I arrived. No. Everyone is free after 18. They say “close the infrastructure door” and the man goes to the house and sees him again. “ I made that assessment.

Emphasizing the importance of family in preparing a footballer’s life, Chebi said: “If the family is dictating this, there is nothing to be done. Önder Kararaveli is the teacher who put Emirhan in the system and made him an A team, but he has not been able to reach the family by phone. I don’t want to play with someone who isn’t there. He said, “I don’t want to play ball in Besiktas. He said.

“I will not keep the heartless in Besiktas.”

Emphasizing that it is not right to underestimate the €4.5 million coming from black and white players, and highlighting that in 20 years only Necip Uysal and Atınç Nukan have emerged from the infrastructure, Çebi said: says.

“It is not right to underestimate these numbers after the pandemic. started to enjoy the fruits of the operation that did.First time, 4 of our players came from the infrastructure. Started in. In 20 years 2 players are training. Necip played and we were able to sell Atınç. If we put 3 players to go on the field after 20 years, It’s the effort of me and the management team.”

Explaining that they are infrastructure-minded business owners, Çebi said: “At the moment, I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss the terms of a contract with a player over the age of 18. If the player doesn’t want to, I won’t pressure him. The child we signed. We are not slaves They have lives too They have been struggling since childhood They have dreams of going to a better place Those who have no heart We are Besiktas We don’t see anyone as a slave. I don’t want to think of destroying a child’s dream by saying, “I have a dream.” I respect those who criticize with good intentions. I think that malicious intentions go against the government. used a phrase.

“The federation’s reaction to the referee’s mistake will be incredibly harsh.”

Chebi also made an assessment about the new season and said he would react harshly in 2022-2023 if he was injured by referees.

Highlighting that the Turkish Football Federation’s new management team is working with Bell, Mr Cebi said: “They are not at the level I want with referees. If the result is good they will be judged, if the result is bad they will be criticized. The reaction of the federation to a referee’s mistake will be incredibly harsh. “Don’t whistle,” and said it all.”What we say is not a warning. Foreign referees may come. With a little more attention, they’ll be a good one.” Everyone likes good things. I made that assessment.

“We are working on the midfield, the wing and the defenders.”

Explaining that the transfer work continues, Çebi said:

“We are looking at one or two transfers. We are working on midfield, wings and centre-backs. We are looking at how we can solve this on our own inside. If the terms are right. If so, we’d prefer a defender.N’Koudou and Void can go. Accelerate after the field situation is clear. The most important way to motivate people is to fill the team. They leave, others in the infrastructure think they will find a place Last year we had three or four players, this year we have four. Berkay, Kartal, Emirhan and Emre are all playing. They fill in some gaps .” He said.

Cebi said he likes Valerien Ismael and believes he will succeed. “When our opponents lose in a friendly match, we are criticized, but we are not criticized. To criticize his system is to have friends who have ambitions in Besiktas and hinder our interests. It’s our malicious strategy.Everyone can argue about the coach’s tactics, but I don’t think it’s right to harshly criticize them on the basis of a friendly match. It’s not a focused match. These games were played on teachers without waiting for results, rhetoric like ‘he sends the president’. I think those who do don’t realize this.It can be said that team cohesion, camaraderie, camaraderie is higher than the championship season.The first rule to become a championYou must work hard.Economy Pay salaries on time, but also create that friendly atmosphere. used a phrase.

Emphasizing that Ersin Destanor also has suitors, Chebi said it would cost nothing to release the young goalkeeper.

Referring to the presence of eight foreign players among the first 11 foreign players and 14 foreign players in the Super League match team, Chebi said, “We see Turkish football players demanding exorbitant prices and players with testimonials demanding high prices.It also causes complacency. We’re happy, let’s take care of the locals, but we have to do this with this infrastructure, saying ‘I’m going to play three’ to everyone doesn’t work.” He said.

After the transfer of Bandirmasspor player Kenny did not take place, Chebi also reacted to a post on social media by Bandirmaspor club president Onur Gochimes. “We told the president that if one or two of the players left, he could move. He shamed him with his post. You should sell it to someone.If he can find it, he will.Don’t wait for us anyway.Whatever money he wants, he will post a picture of himself first need to do it. used a phrase.