Elvas from the President of Religious Affairs … Apology of Ataturk-Present

In his column today, Sözcü newspaper writer Saygı Öztürk talked about the fact that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was not mentioned in the victory of Canakkale on March 18 and the Friday sermon of Martyr’s Day.

Saig Ozturk receives a reply from Ali Elvas in a document signed by Ataturk, telling Ali Elvas, the president of religious affairs, “Maybe you can clarify this issue.”

The following is a related article by Saygı Öztürk, who published the document from Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş.

“The sermons are prepared by the Bureau of Religious Affairs and read in the mosque without leaving this sermon. That is, Imam reads whatever comes from the presidency. The sermons are in Arabic, German, English, Russian, It is also published in French on the Diyanet website. The name of Ataturk is never mentioned in these sermons.

Even if the day of death of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk on November 10 coincides with Friday, there is no Ataturk in the sermon yet. If you read the sermon about Canakkale, you will never see Ataturk again. This situation can be faced by mosque communities and religious personnel. This attitude of the Bureau of Religious Affairs is often the subject of criticism. The presidency does not respond to these criticisms. Let’s quickly point out that this practice began in the days of President Mehmet Germes.

What does the president say?

Professor of Religion. Dr. He told Ali Elvas: It may be possible to clarify this issue. ” The president immediately sent me a prayer video. I quote a short excerpt from the President’s recording in those videos:

-107th Anniversary of Canakkale Navy Victory: “My God, bless the souls of all our leaders, martyrs, veterans, and those who fought for our country and nation, especially the hero of Anafartaral, Gazimstafa Kemal Pasha. please.

-Bellato Candili Program March 17, 2022: Ya Rabb, we are in Canakkale and will realize the 107th anniversary of the epic of Canakkale. My God, mercy on all the martyrs who made Canakkale impassable to their enemies, and on the commander of Anafartaral, Gazimstafa Kemalpasha and all the veterans.

– Mersin Martyrs Relatives Conference, September 19, 2019: May Allah have mercy on all of our veterans, especially Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who died in the afterlife. May he give good longevity to the living people.

-Canakkale Martyrs Memorial Program March 18, 2018: We raised 250,000 marshmallow sheriffs, quoted for 250,000 martyrs, the souls of all martyrs and veterans, especially the heroes of Anafartaral, Gazimsta Fakemal, and them. I give it to the souls of my mother and father. Come to me, my god.

– Canakkale Martyrs Memorial Program March 18, 2019: We give gifts to the souls of all martyrs and veterans, especially the hero of Anafartalal, Gazimsta Fakemalpasha. Come to me, my god.

-Baku / Azerbaijan October 29, 2021: Today is a really important happy day. 98th anniversary of the founding of the republic. My words begin with mercy and condolences to all martyrs and veterans, especially Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic.

Why don’t they see it?

Professor Dr. In addition to some sample videos, Erbaş has submitted a document. One of them was translated into Ottoman Turkish and the other was translated into Turkish. Before moving to that area, let’s add the president’s answer to my question.

“Saygi Bey, I can’t understand why they don’t see it. As you can see in the video I sent to the founder of the Republic, Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk, we are commemorating and praying on every occasion. We are doing what we need and hope it is good. Leave my greetings and love to Allah. “

“The deadline didn’t want it.”

In addition to a decree dated March 5, 1340, written in the former Turkish language and signed by Gazimstafa Kemal and the Minister, President Elbash sent a translated version of the day to Turkish. The decree states: “It was then decided to pray” for the liberation of the country and the republic “without mentioning the names of the people who participated in the sermons at the mosque, and were referred to all states for notification. Of these decisions by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The decree signed by Gazimstafa Kemal and his Minister on May 3, 1926 is as follows:

The era of coups

Professor Dr. Ali Erbaş made the following comment regarding the Prime Minister’s order:

“Due to the document I sent, the deceased himself did not want his name to be mentioned in the sermon. The next period, it was not written in any sermon. I was on Friday. I’ve been there for 50 years and I don’t remember much. Gazi may have made such a decision because he knew that preaching was part of his prayer.

Throughout the history of the republic, this decision has always been upheld. Maybe in one or two sermons prepared and sent by putschists during the coup because they didn’t know. This means that we will not act according to Ataturk’s decision. We commemorate and pray for every opportunity. “

Obey Ataturk’s orders not mentioned in the sermon as well as secularism. When democracy, human rights, religious freedom, and other practices and decisions are considered by the authorities … “