Ekrem Imamoul has solved his own traffic problems! Gocam 12,000 TL!

It has been revealed that President Ekrem Imamoul of 0054BB has assigned a ship named Çevre 1 to carry out “environmental inspection” missions within the municipality as an “authoritative vehicle”. Imamoul made a total of 256 voyages on the Çevre 1, which is working to detect marine pollution by converting the service vessel into a private car and sailing. Ekrem ו mamoğlu and his family are reported to have used the ship Çevre-1. Traveling 56km on Yenikapi-Bayrikdus and Yenikapi-Jenikapi flights, Cevre1 is offered two hours a day for Imamoul’s special services. The fuel cost for a trip on the 0054 mamoğlu ship Çevre 1 was 12,000 TL per day, for a total of 1,061,800 TL.

LAST MINUTE | 0054 MAMOĞ LUÇE VRE-1 The ship built an authoritative vehicle. 12,000 TL going to work!

Mayor Ekrem Imamoul of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has assigned a ship named Çevre 1 as an “authoritative vehicle” in partnership with IMM’s subsidiary Istanbul Environmental Management Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company (ISTAC). Became clear. .. Ekrem Imamoul, President of 0054BB, was found to have used a service vessel of 0054BB to go to work. The cost of traveling on Çevre-1 since Imamoul took office has exceeded millions of lira.

Resolve your own traffic

“Transportation cannot be the fate of this city. We will solve this problem,” said President Ekrem Imamoul of 0054BB, who found a solution to his own transportation problem in Istanbul. The ship named Çevre 1, which carries out the task of controlling the pollution of international ships, has become a civilian transport vehicle of Ekrem STRUCT mamoğlu. After winning the seat of 0054BB after the June 2019 election, 0054 mamoğlu began traveling by boat shortly after his inauguration.

The route has not changed

The journey by boat in 0054 mamoğlu is as follows: At 10:08 on June 25, 2019, Çevre 1 departs from the Yenikapi coast and arrives at Beylik düzü Marina at 11:24. Three minutes later, the ship aboard Imamoul departs at 11:27 and arrives at Yenikapi at 12:17. At 07:48 on July 15, 2020, Çevre 1 departs Yenikapı and arrives at Beylik düzü at 08:48.

After the Imamoul boarded, the ship that took off again at 09:07 will enter Yenikapi at 09:56. The route will not change on April 1, 2021. Departing Yenikapı at 07:54, Çevre 1 arrives at Beylik düzü 54 minutes later. Sebre 1, welcoming Imamogur four minutes after arrival, approaches Yenikapi at 10:06.

Millions of fuel lira are used

According to the information obtained; Çevre 1, used as a public vehicle, made a total of 256 round trips for 0054BB President 0054 mamoğlu. Traveling 56km on Yenikapi-Bayrikdus and Yenikapi-Jenikapi flights, Cevre1 is offered two hours a day for Imamoul’s special services. Cevre 1, which consumes an average of 350 liters of fuel per hour, consumed 700 liters of fuel per day at Imamoul. The daily fuel cost of Imamoul’s trip to work on the ship Çevre 1 reached 12,000,600 lira. Since taking office, the total fuel cost of Imamoul, which has used one Çevre ship 256 times, has reached 1 million,612,800 lira.

Ship to work for 3 years

Ship Çevre 1 sailed 54 times in 2019, 4 times in June, 2 times in August, 6 times in September, 16 times in October, 12 times in November and 14 times in December. The same ship will be on February 6, March 4, May 2, June 12, July 14, August 18, September 12, October 6, November 2, 2020. We sailed 94 times, including December 18th. Imamoul using the same ship as the official car in 2021. He is January 8th, February 6th, March 10th, April 8th, May 6th, June 30th, July 16th, August 18th, September 2nd, October 4th. Operated 108 flights including the day.

“The dust vessel without cleaning is in the background,” IMM said.

Morning; 0054BB President Ekrem Imamoul and his spokesman Murat Ongan said the ships of 0054BB Döku-1 and 0054BB Döku-2 were fighting mucus, but recorded that the ship in question never worked. .. The IMM issued a statement after the news in our newspaper, claiming that “a non-cleaning Dökü ship was brought into the background.” Ekrem Imamoul; I wonder how to use the Çevre 1 ship, which carries out the “environmental inspection” mission, as a public vehicle.

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