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Continuing their preparations for the World Championship, the All-American Women’s Volleyball Team faced the United States for the third time. Sultan lost her 3–1. The star of the preparatory camp in America was Evra Karakurt.

Turkey missed out on a medal

After finishing in the top eight in the Nations League and losing to Italy in the semi-finals, the Nationals played in third place. Turkey finished the tournament in 4th place after losing 3-0 to Serbia, who were defeated by Brazil at the Ankara Sports Hall.

Net Sultan’s Camp Staff

The following names were included in the Net Sultan’s American camp staff: Simge Aköz, Cansu Özbay, Ayça Aykaç, Meryem Boz, Hande Baladin, Meliha İsmailoğlu, Eda Erdem Dündar, Zehra Güneş, Beyza Arıcı, İlkin Aydın. , Elif Şahin, Ebral Karakurt, Aisin Akyor, Saliha Sahin, Deriya Sevesioglu and Ailin Akar.


lose to america

The Sultans of the Net lost their third and final friendly against the United States, 3–1. Derya Cebecioğlu scored his 12 points in this match followed by Meryem Boz and Aycin Akyol who scored his 10 points.

After the game, Giovanni Guidetti, head coach of the women’s national volleyball team, said, “I want to thank Kirch Kiraly and American Volleyball. They have shown what it means to be a gold medalist team, not only on the field but also in their hospitality. “We had a great time in California. It was great to meet so many Turkish fans.”

Lost in second game

Sultan lost the first friendly against the United States 3-1 in sets 28-26, 25-19, 20-25, 25-15. In the second round, she lost 3-2 in sets 21-25, 12-25, 26-24, 25-22, 13.15. The star of the second match was Ebrar Karakurt, who scored 22 points. In the USA, the top scorer in the match was Tiaka Ogbog, who played for Vakfbank. He was trailing Ogbogu with 21 points, followed by Robinson Kelsey with 20 points.

Ebler stamp

Ebrar Karakurt was the first player in three matches for America. Ebler, who played in a total of 10 sets, scored 44 points. Ebrar 6 Ace he attracted attention with a number of 2 blocks. Handebaladin he scored 20 points while he fought in 5 sets. Derya Cebecioğlu he played 20 sets and scored 27 points. These names were followed by Saliha Şahin and Meryem Boz with 17 points each, Zehra with 16 points, Aycin with 15 points, Eda with 13 points, Beyza with 11 points and Meliha and Elif with 8 points each.

Meanwhile, Ebrar Karakurt was the top scorer in the Nations League Sultans of the Net with 239 points in the VML.

they are with france

Sultan, who played against France before the game against the United States, left the field in a 2–2 draw. For the national team, Saliha Sahin scored his 9 goals, Ebral Karakurt, Hande Baladin, Deriya Sevesiour and Eda Erdem Dundar each scored his 8 goals.

Countdown to world championship

The countdown has begun for the FIVB Women’s World Championships from 23 September to 15 October 2022, hosted by the Netherlands and Poland. In Group B, Sultans of the Net will face Poland, Croatia, Thailand, South Korea and the Dominican Republic in the group stage. The head coach of the Croatia national team is Ferhat Akbaş, who is also the head coach of Ekzažvás.

First 4 rankers join tour

In the Mega Organization Group Stage, the 24 teams are divided into four groups of six players each. The (ABCD) team competition will run from September 23, 2022 to he October 2. After the team competition, the teams that finish the team competition within the top four will advance to the second stage. In the second tier of matches, 16 teams will participate in his two groups of eight (EF groups). October 4-9, 2022. After the second tier of matches, the top four teams completing their groups will advance to the quarter-finals.

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