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Fenerbahce will face Dynamokib in the first match of the UEFA Champions League second qualifying round. Our representative, who wanted to leave with a score in favor of a rematch from this match, which is very important in the fight to stay in the group, was the first with experienced coach Jorge Jesus and his new staff. We played an official match. The first of the breathtaking matches between Dynamo Kyiv and Fenerbahce was coached by Mircea Lucescu, one of the key names in European football. Before the rematch.

Minutes from the match

2’| Fenerbahce was effective. Osai Samuel’s center, where he met the ball on the right side, was away from Joshua King.

6’| Diego Rossi kicked Fenerbahce’s free-kick from the left side. Joshua King’s headshot spread significantly in the penalty area.

14’| Fenerbahce was very close to the goal. Enner Valencia, made by Ferdi Cadillo, stood up from the left and shot a headshot. Goalkeeper Butchan managed to turn the line at the last moment.


15 minutes | Ismail Yuksek, who met the ball in front of the penalty area, hit the ground violently from the side.

Fenerbahce expects a penalty

20’| Defense intervened while trying to shoot Valencia in the middle of Fenerbahce’s Ferdi Cadiol. After the position was over, the Fenerbahce players waited for a penalty and the referee decided to continue.

28’| Dynamokiu arrived effectively. Verbič’s shot turned sideways in the middle of Keziola’s right wing.

33’| Ferdi Kadiol took the ball to the penalty area. The goalkeeper saved Ferdi’s shot, which was a hard shot from diagonally left.

37’| Fenerbahce is very close to the goal! In the middle of Rossi’s ground, Irfan Bachdim shot in front of the goal. The ball that bounced off Joshua King was left by goalkeeper Bushan.

45 + 2’| Goalkeeper Butchan missed the middle ball made by Enner Valencia from the right side. Dynamo Kieu’s defense stole the ball in the last moment before the Fenerbahce player.

Results of the first half | The first half of the match ended with a goalless draw.

48’| Diego Rossi landed on the line from the left side, dribbled his opponent and shot from diagonally left, and the ball headed for the crown.

52’| Dynamokib felt dangerous. In the middle of Viktor Tsyhankov, Popov made the header available. The ball has moved away from the top.

60’| Ilfan Jean Carvech, who wants to steal the ball from the right side, tries an intermediate pass to Valencia. The defense of Dynamokibi intervened and did not allow his position.

67’| Diego Rossi’s shot turned sideways when he met the ball in the penalty area on Bruma’s pass.

71’| Dynamokiu arrived effectively. At the location of Artem Besedin from outside the penalty area, the ball became an outer from the side of the post.

79’| Lincoln, who met the ball on the left side, moved the pass to Bloomer in the penalty area. In a shot sent by a Portuguese soccer player to a distant corner, the goalkeeper did not allow the goal.

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When and on which channel will the Dinamo Kyiv-Fenerbahce match be played? Which channel will the Fenerbahce Champions League match be broadcast live?

The Dynamokib-Fenerbahce match, hosted by Lodz’s Mieski Stadium, began tonight at 21.00 CET. Directed by Glenn Nyberg of the Swedish Football Association, it is broadcast live on beIN Sports 1 for 90 minutes. All the details about the match can be found in the news and at fanatik.com.tr.

Dynamo Kyiv-Fenerbahce 11s:

Dynamo Kiif: Bushchan, Kedziora, Zabarnyi, Popov, Dubinchak, Sydorchuk, Shaparenko, Tsygankov, Verbic, Buyalskiy, Besydin

Fenerbahce: Altay, Osayi-Samuel, Serdar Aziz, Szalai, Ferdi, Willian Arao, 0054smail Yüksek, 0054rfan Can Kahveci, Diego Rossi, Joshua King, Enner Valencia

When is the rematch?

In rounds where the double match exclusion system is applied, a return leg will take place on Wednesday, July 27th at the Ulker Stadium Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Sports Complex.

Notes from the match

Dynamokiif hosted Fenerbahce in the first match of the UEFA Champions League second qualifying round. The match took place at the Mieski Stadium in Lodz, Poland, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Glenn Nyberg of the Swedish Football Association blew the whistle in a match that began at 21.00 CEST. Mahbod Beigi and Andreas Söderqvist were Nyberg’s assistants.

Fenerbahce coach Jorge Jesus welcomed eight players from last season and Willian Arão and Joshua King, who have just joined the team, from the 11th. Portugal coach Ismail Yuksek, who spent the last season in Bursaspor and performed effectively during the camp, played against Dynamo Kieu at 11 o’clock. Jorge Jesus of Fenerbahce Coach, in battle. He announced 11 people: “Altai, Osai Samuel, Serdal Aziz, Sarai, Ferdi Kadio, Arao, Ismail Yuksek, Ilfankan, Rossi, Valencia, King”.

Dynamo Kyiv coach Mircea Lucescu went into the field with “Bushchan Keziola, Zabarny, Popov, Dubinchak, Tsygankov, Sydorchuk, Shaparenko, Verbic, Buyalski, Basedin”.

Backups with 3 new names unlocked

In the match Fenerbahce played against Dynamo Kyiv, three new transfers were cancelled. The dark blue team included Lincoln Enrique, Bloomer, and Emre Mor as reserves.

Board of Directors as seen by Ali Kochu and STAT

Fenerbahce Chairman Ali Koç and members of the board followed the battle at the stadium. Ali Kochu was accompanied by Serahattin Baki, Kang Gebetash, Fetti Pekin, Bekir Ildem, Omer Okan, Shimura Turkar Beyazut, Rushen Chetin and Ozgur Ozactus.

The fan was not alone

Fenerbahce fans also never left the team in Poland. Fans from Poland and neighboring countries cheered and supported the team at the match at Mieski Stadium.

Meanwhile, it turned out that the stand had fans of Fenerbahce and spectators wearing jerseys from other Turkish teams.

Ukrainian national anthem is sung

The Ukrainian national anthem was sung at the stadium with the special permission of the UEFA before the match between Dynamokiif and Fenerbahce. After the national anthem, all the fans of the stadium applauded.