Double Impact on Selenium Serengil: “I saw the monster, I divorced”-Magazine

Singer Yashal Ipek faces up to four years in prison for insulting and intimidating his ex-wife, Seren Serengil. “She made a mistake in marrying her. She saw the monster and divorced,” said Yasar Ipek, who defended her. The court has decided to issue an order to force Serengil to be brought in. Meanwhile, the prosecutor commented on the case of Seren Serengil, who shared Kang Tan Ryal with the phrase “a bully who beats people with a belt and a violent asylum seeker.”

Yashar Ipek attended the trial in Bakırköy’s 55th Trial Criminal Court, but Selenium Selengil did not. The lawyer of the party attended the hearing.

Yashar Ipek stated that he and Seren Serengil were in the divorce stage on the day of the incident and used the following statement in his defense:

“A relentless and sick person couldn’t give up on me. When I noticed this, I left home. I’m 41. I’ve never hit anyone. I’m with him. I made a mistake in getting married. I saw it, Monster, I divorced Ceyhan Soil cursed my parents on a social media account. My parents threw themselves on the floor. I was the day of the incident. I went to Seihan Soil’s house with my brother and son-in-law to discuss this situation. Seren wasn’t. If you wanted to talk to him anyway, you would have gone to his house. I didn’t. Before I went, I called Jihad’s manager, District Director Bakurukoi. I told Seihan Soil. I said, “Come on, let’s talk, what’s my dead father? Is it a problem? “He said,” Why are you kidding me? “

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Defendant’s lawyer, Penal Kaya, said, “Selenium Serengil has nothing to do with the case. She did not witness the case, but received a statement given by Ceyhan Soil and complained to the public prosecutor’s office. I filed a complaint. I will be innocent. “

The court decided to postpone the trial and issue an order to force plaintiff Seren Serengil.

Another case for SERENSER ENG0054L: Imprisonment requested for damage to CANTANRIYAR

Meanwhile, Seren Serengil, who posted about Can Tanrıyar, chairman of the board of directors of Uçankuş TV, posted on his social media account “a bully who is beating a person with a belt and is in violent asylum.” The prosecutor commented on the benefits.

According to Damla Güler news from Milliyet, Can Tanrıyar and Seren Serengil did not attend the hearing held today at the 41st Criminal Court in Istanbul. Opinions on the proposal were presented at a hearing on which a lawyer represented the parties.
Prosecutors at the trial said the words “Magnac” and “Imarhanerik” that Selenium Selengil gave to Kang Tan Ryal at different times exceeded the limits of freedom of expression.

The prosecutor said the legal element of the crime had been formed and demanded that defendant Seren Serengil be sentenced to three months, 15 days to two years and four months for “insulting”.
The court, which gave the defendant’s lawyer time for final defense, postponed the hearing after the declared opinion.

What happened?

The indictment prepared by the Bakırköy Prosecutor’s Office stated that the suspect Yasar Ipek was married to Seren Serengil. Included in the indictment that Yasar Ipek came to his residence in Yesilkoy Maharesi on May 5, 2020 and insulted plaintiff Seren Serengil by saying, “I will pierce both of you.” I did. Suspect Yashar Ipek was sentenced to a total of nine to four years’ imprisonment for “insult” and “threatening.”

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