Dostoevsky’s reaction from Erdogan to Europe: the Nazi spirit!

Ankara- Russia’s occupation of Ukraine was also a major agenda item for the AK Party Central Executive Committee (MYK) meeting. The meeting discussed the details of the meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the Russian-Ukrainian Foreign Ministers’ Meeting at the Antalia Foreign Relations Forum. The parliamentary agenda was also one of the key topics of VQA.

According to the information received, President Erdogan provided detailed information about the meeting with Putin at the AK Party FMC meeting, which lasted about 3.5 hours. Prime Minister Erdogan gave many details of the talks with Putin, which lasted about an hour, and reiterated Turkey’s stance of “not giving up on both countries.” It turns out that Prime Minister Erdogan said he did not approve Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and he also opposed tightening sanctions against Russia.

Erdogan chaired the AK Party VQA Conference.

In a meeting with Putin, Prime Minister Erdogan pointed out the importance of turning the ceasefire declaration into lasting peace, but Putin said he opposed it in a security paper on which military action was based. He also said that expectations for peace were not very high in the short term.

At the meeting, Prime Minister Erdogan also discussed the process of the trilateral summit meeting in Antalya with the participation of Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers on Thursday, March 10. The points reached emphasized joy and stated that there were some crises before reaching this stage.
At the meeting that the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs abandoned the meeting and Turkey intervened to persuade Ukraine, there was a comment that “this meeting could be a very important step to overcome the crisis”. rice field.

Erdogan’s reaction to Dostoevsky: Nazi approach

The conference also discussed the sanctions imposed on Russia in the fields of culture and arts of several European countries. It turns out that Prime Minister Erdogan has severely criticized the decision to remove the work of important Russian writers such as Dostoevsky from the curriculum, calling it the “Nazi spirit.” “There are sanctions and embargoes to stop the war, but we can’t take that attitude towards businessmen and artists,” Erdogan said, and he turned out to say so to Putin. ..

Suggestions to prevent violence against women and health care workers given on March 14

The AK Party’s VQA meeting also discussed proposals, including increased penalties for violence against women and restrictions on continued follow-up as a crime, as well as restrictions on medical professionals, which were detailed last week. The proposal was scheduled to be submitted to Congress on March 8. However, it was decided to submit a proposal to Congress within the March 14 Medical Day calendar, including an increase in penalties for violence against medical professionals.


In a program he met with female Muktar yesterday, President Erdogan said that Samet Ah, who had stabbed his wife Ozrem Ah in 23 places in Tokat, was released three months later and met with the ministry. .. Justice and confirmed that he was arrested again.

Prime Minister Erdogan responded very harshly to this issue at the MYK meeting held the day before this speech, and several times during the meeting, “Bekir, don’t forget this issue. Don’t forget. ” It was also found that Prime Minister Erdogan had a telephone conversation with Ozrem Ag during the meeting.

Ukrainian relay to election law

The election law created by the AK Party and MHP was to be submitted to Congress this week. However, it was found that the proposal, which was to be submitted to the Speaker of Parliament on Thursday, March 10, was postponed so as not to cast a shadow over the meeting of Russian and Ukrainian Foreign Ministers in Antalya. same day. AK sources said the proposal, which would be submitted to Congress with the signatures of both parties, could be publicly announced early next week.