“Don’t Panic” – TRT Spor


Fenerbahçe drew 3-3 with Umrani Jespor in the first week of the Sportoto Super League. After the match, Fenerbahçe president Ali Koç issued a statement to the press. Wishing the new season a prosperous one, Ali Kochi said: We got here in terms of brand value, broadcast revenue and the economy. But life is clear.

“An unexpected result, but probably a good one.”

Congratulating Umrani Yespor on his performance, Ali Koch said: “Today’s result was an unexpected result, but it was probably a good one. To see our shortcomings and wake up. First of all. To, I would like to congratulate Umrani Yespor, they are a new team in our league, but on the field like an experienced team.He did his best.So we give them credit We always start with a few weeks of winning. Then there is a period of trouble. Maybe this is the case. Within the framework of our expectations for the season, this start Good start We trust our team and our coaches to the end We have made most of the transfers One position remains Dispose of extra foreigners We are focused on him. There is nothing to worry about. About. There’s a lot.The football that our fans want to see becomes the norm for us.This is not normal, let’s call it a football accident,” he said.

“It looks like it’s gone”

Saying that Umrani Esspor scored the penalty clearly outside the penalty area, Ali Koch said: “The net was out. We also spent a lot of time in the VAR. We were surprised, but the referee. “The referee must be bad. Don’t be fooled by the bad football we play. I think the most terrible situation is that the game stops frequently. We will find a solution to this in Turkey.” The referee said, ‘This is the referee we know. It’s clear that he’s been a troubled name since last season. We gave VAR on every goal.” We also saw the referee here. Of course, referees can make mistakes. But it takes skill to make so many mistakes in 90 minutes. “It’s an excuse for a bad match. But I can’t accept this referee’s performance. If something like this happened again, things would change a lot. Our reaction.” For these referees, I said what I wanted to say last season, and I’ll bring up the continuation of this season if necessary, but the important thing is that the league Regardless, it means that football is played more in Turkey, and if you look at the 90-minute playing time, like many other issues, we are well behind Europe here, which is a brand value. “I don’t think football stakeholders deserve this,” he said.


Emphasizing that foreign rule changes are correct, Koç said:

“The rule change is a very correct rule change. It was Suleiman Hulma’s idea. Among presidents, he is one of the names that rule football. A very correct decision. We will stay. We will stay.” “But as I said in the Supreme Council, there are clubs showing interest in our player. See, if you come across an offer you can’t refuse, we’ll join. U21’s The rules are also an advantage. Even if it’s not 3, I’d rate it as 1 or 2.”

“I trust my teacher.”

Saying that the transfer plan took place within the framework of coach Jorge Jesus’ wishes and instructions, Ali Koch used the following statement:

“The plan is completely within the wishes and instructions of my teacher. Before I came here, he said 4, 5. I spent a month and a half, 2 months with the team and when I had some opportunities, We wanted to evaluate them. If our community leaves everything up to the teachers, why do it, why manage it when transferring schools? I trust both the teacher and our team.There is nothing to panic.We are at the beginning of the road.Like I said it could have been a good outcome .”

When asked about Maxi Gomez, who is named on the yellow and dark blue team, Ali Koch said: We got there, not just for this position, not just for us, not just us, for many teams, unfortunately, some managers and some press. The people involved work together. You know better than I do.

“The separation of field referees and VAR referees is a step in the right direction.”

Noting that the separation of field and VAR refereeing is the right step, Ali Koch said: “I have no doubts. But our referees know. Unless people have good intentions, bring the system you want, use the technology. We want the results.” cannot be achieved,” he said.

Saying that he is waiting for opportunities that may arise in the final week of the transfer, Ali Koch concluded his words:

“Sometimes with limited financial means you can’t do what you want. The forward position is also the most expensive transfer. But after 10 August, in the last week of August, things are very different. There is another fact that will happen.As we have seen in the past.We are waiting for him.