Domenec Trent’s reaction at Galatasaray after the war against Barcelona!I don’t understand the rule

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Domènec Torrent thanked the players for their hard work and said, “I’m proud of the players. I’m proud of the fans. I have a great fan base. Thanks to them, I continued to play to the end. .” He said.

“I’m happy with all the players”

Satisfied with Morutan and Haril, Trent said, “I think the team is on the right track. I think we should continue on this path. We will try to finish the league at the highest possible level in the Super League. Olimpiu Morutan and Haril Delvi Soul have appeared on the field. I am happy with all the players. They have shown the meaning of Galatasaray. We have known President Joan Laporta for a very long time. When we met him, we congratulated him and asked how he was. “

“I don’t understand the rule”

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The Spanish coach said of Patrick van Aanholt’s second goal, which left the match due to an injury, “Pedori’s personal efforts helped him score the first goal and draw. Second goal. Is interesting. I don’t understand. Rule. Even though we have 10 people on the field … So our player went out and the referee said he had to continue. We follow the rule , Admitted the second goal. “He responded to his words.

In response to a question at the press conference, Trent said they had a good match, “It’s not easy to fight Barcelona like this in two matches. We came out of two very difficult matches. Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world. I think we fought well in this match, especially in the first half. In the second half we continued the match with 10 players and scored goals. But of course we say the rules I have to obey. I can say I played a good game. In the last 15 minutes of the second half, I had a lot of chances to make it in time for the draw. In fact, I had two clear positions in the last 5 minutes. “I want to congratulate Barcelona, ​​but the players are also proud,” he said.

“Barcelona is the team that dominates every match.”

Trent said he had a busy week before the match in Barcelona, ​​saying: There was a match on Monday. Previously I couldn’t fly to Istanbul. Barcelona also has a match on Sunday, a day difference. Of course, this is not our excuse. The goal at the beginning of the second half was a break point. Admitting such a goal when you were 10 made it difficult to collect the rest. Barcelona is the team that dominates all the games they play. Of course I wasn’t happy with the result, so I wanted to go to the next round. But it’s also helpful to check the facts and know who you’re playing against. If you’re lucky, you can beat a team like Barcelona in one match. Or they play bad. However, I’m glad I played two games and played well in both. Now we have to think about the league, and we want to end in the best place. “The team is developing and is thinking about their next plan,” he said.

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“We wanted to keep improving the ball with GOMIS.”

Trent also told Pedri and Frankie de John that he preferred to enter the field with a system close to one-on-one markings: “This was a tactical choice for Gomis’s choice. Being tired, we made all the changes. I’m talking especially for Gomis and Mustafa Muhammed. What we tried to do with Gomis was to bring the ball to him and It was to protect the ball and then create a position. He has a different style, Mohammed has a different style. I caught it in 8 minutes. If I could get the result, it If you get good results, but unfortunately bad results, it looks like this. When we played in Barcelona, ​​we started with Mustafa Mohammed. He Because he’s a player who hits the gap. I wanted to work with Gomis because I thought I could protect myself better there. “Trent also played against the Barcelona match with the defenders in front. He said he had taken precautionary measures. “But in Barcelona there was a change of players, and there were changes in the results due to differences in Pedri’s position, etc. Otherwise, we set the defense properly and they were firmly on the field. I was standing. ” “The first goal of the player was a great game. The second goal was 10 people,” Trent said of the goal scored.