Dogukhan Shinik: My Priority Europe-TRT Spor

Dogukan Sinik grew up from the infrastructure of Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, but made his professional debut in the Spor Toto 1st League during the 2014-2015 season. He lost 3-1 to Yusuf Simsek at the age of 16 in the second half of the Elazığspor match, and then Dogukan Sinik, who played in the league, was lent to the Kemerspor 2003 team in the 2017-2018 season. During the season ending with a total of 31 games against Kemelspoor’s 2003 jersey, Sinick contributed two goals and was included in the Antalyaspor team for the upcoming season. After that, Sinick, who was active up and down in red and white jerseys, has improved stability this season with soccer manager Nuri Shahin taking the lead on the team. Dogukan Sinik, a 23-year-old midfielder who has been on the transfer list for many teams, also wore the national team uniform for the first time in his career.

“The season didn’t start well”

Dogukan Sinik said he lost points and started the season, “But then the recovery was very good and we started to get good points in the additional games we won. This is amazing to us. It wasn’t. There are 3 games left. I will go out on the field and win. “

“Nuri Shahin is ready”

Sinick, who announced that he had started the season in the cup final with coach Elson Janal, noted that he was not ready for the new season. Emphasizing the satisfaction of all the players to team representative Nuri Şahin, “I felt happy as a team with the appearance of Nuri Şahin. I am very happy with those who play and those who do not. It’s a great opportunity for us, and Nuri Shahin has already taken part in this task: “He’s really ready. He’s the one we cherish very much and this is for us. It gave me a very nice atmosphere. Teacher, maybe even their many brothers took over the team. Frankly, it was a very nice weather, “he said.

“We’re going to match and we have a plan.”

Soccer manager Nuri Shahin said he had a separate plan for each team and played on the field within the framework of the plan, and Sinick continued his speech:

“At first, every player knows what to do. We analyze. We go from match to match. We see what we can do. Sometimes we oppose our opponents. We are seeing what we can do. The arrival of the teacher has had a big impact on me. We know the games we play for the team and what we are doing As Doğukan, I know what I need to do on the field every week. I will tell you so I will show you. This will mature the football and player gaming system. You Looks mature on the field because of the plans of the opposing team. You know what to do as a player playing in that position. This is a teacher’s contribution. “

“Hopefully closes the rest of the process as invincible.”

Sinick said he has recorded 13 undefeated consecutive wins, saying: We do not consider this game to be this game. Continue to the end. We didn’t even look at the record. Suddenly it was a field record. I also followed on social media, we try to play good football. We try to do whatever the teacher wants to do. It has been held so far. There are few remaining processes. I hope we can end this process invincibly. “

“I saw that joy in your face.”

Nuri Shahin expressed his righteousness, and Dogukan Sinik said that Shahin has always trusted him. Sinick said: “If a player who isn’t playing is happy with the team, something is going well with that team. Not only did I think of it as an individual, but he really gave me extra confidence. I know you trust and believe in me more than I do. This is my greatest chance. First he was my brother, then he became my teacher , And he never stopped trusting me. After all, he is such a teacher to everyone. The balance of justice is very important and it provides this very well. I think he treats everyone the same. He gives a chance to someone he believes and trusts even a little if the conditions are good. It’s a real opportunity for young players. When he sees a young soccer player doing something in training, he tells his neighbor, “Hey, did you see what he did?” You can see the joy in Nuri Shahin’s face. It is such a coach that the football team can catch. He wants to work for years. “

“I can’t find enough of my performance”

Emphasizing that his performance this season wasn’t good enough, Sinick said: There was a time when he didn’t play 9-10 games this season. It didn’t take long and the ball came back from the pole during play. I didn’t play most games. I wasn’t chosen for the match. If I had a little more time during that period, I would have been able to raise my goals or help a little more. The process of playing by myself is not enough. For the rest of the match, we need to improve our performance a bit more. “

“Wearing a national team shirt feels great.”

Sinick said wearing a national team jersey is a completely different feeling, pointing out that going out on the field with a national jersey is one of the most beautiful feelings you can experience, “with the Turks. Go to the field. Put a flag on your chest, that can’t happen. I can’t put it into words. Four days after being elected, I felt like a national team player. It’s a different thing now. These are very good feelings, but it’s important to continue. We’ve experienced this once, but it’s important to do more service and contribution. Also applies to my club. If you contribute to your teammates and do something, you will be at the A national team level. I want to go regularly. “

“My top priority is Europe”

After the success of the season, Dogukan Sinik, who has been frequently involved in transfer rumors, said, “It would be incorrect to talk to, meet or contact your boss about the transfer. I have somewhere in my head. I firmly believe that going will increase the risk of performance and injury. If I have a choice, I would like to send a good testimonial to the team and leave happily. My top priority is Europe, but now It’s not right to say what my choice is. I want to make my team and club happier than anything else. “My goal is to go,” he said.

“My goal is to be a soccer player by European standards.”

Dogukan Sinik said his goal was to become a European standard soccer player, saying: Antalyaspor is already one of the largest teams in the world. The middle rank includes any country in Europe. I want to play in these leagues and see what I can do. I am very interested. What happens if you improve performance? I want to see how far I can climb. For this, I really want a European experience. But of course, I don’t know what will happen. “

“I like ISCO and Bernard Shiva”

Dogucan Silva, in addition to his words that his idol in football is Isco playing for the Real Madrid team in Spain, Bernardo, a Portuguese player who plays for Manchester City, one of the British league teams.・ He said he also likes Silva.

Dogukan Sinik has played 33 games in Fraport TAV Antalyaspor this season. This includes 29 Super Leagues, 3 Zyrat Turkey Cups and 1 TFF Super Cup Final. The young player stayed on the field for a total of 2,292 minutes, but was delighted to score three times and scored a goal to his friend five times.