Dogukan Sinik: “I noticed that I was playing soccer with Nuri Shahin …”


Doğukan Sinik, a 23-year-old midfielder who moved from one of the SporToto super league teams, Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, to one of the English championship teams, Hull City, answered questions from press members of the Antalya branch. Turkish Sports Writers Association (TSYD).

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Transferred from Fraport TAV Antalyaspor to Hull City, one of the British championship teams owned by Acun Ilıcalı, Dogukansinik had a very good talk with Antalyaspor, it’s time to say goodbye, and his target is always Europe. He said it was. Sinick said he understood that he was playing soccer with former football manager Nuri Shahin and was impressed when his name was mentioned.

“It was a beautiful story.”


Dogukhan Sinik stated that it was a moving farewell to him, “Clearly it was a story that made me very happy. I am very happy and proud. It is as someone in Antalya. Born in Antalya as a person who grew up in Antalya and played for this team. “I think it was an exemplary story. To be honest, it wasn’t easy. My biggest on this journey and along the way. The supporter was my teacher. Nuri Shahin. I always say this. First, my brother and the teacher on the team provided me with this, “he said.

“This is a whole new story for me. I’m going to a place where I have a completely different experience. Frankly, I’m very happy,” said Dogukan Shinik, who said it was a very happy time.

“I’m proud to bring the record.”

Antalyaspor pointed out that he was very confident in the infrastructure system, and Sinick said he believed that much more beautiful young people would grow.

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Dogukan Sinik said his heart was always in Antalya and Antalyaspor.

“I know I played soccer with Nuri Shahin.”

When asked about his trust in Antalyaspor football manager Nuri Şahin, Sinick said, “I thought about this at this time. The relationship with Nuri Şahin was so great that I’ve seen it so far. I saw things I had never seen and experienced emotions I had never experienced .. Tactically speaking, I understood that I was playing soccer. In soccer. I was mature. I understand. I understand what I do and how I act. I say as a mature person after this period, but I don’t. With teacher Nuri Shahin Expect what you have experienced from those who have great expectations. He was always in my heart and always together because we had a brother-sister relationship with the teacher before teaching. I’m not goodbye, but part with our boyfriend. “

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“Time has come”

When asked if it was the right time to leave the team, the young player gave the following answer:

“It’s been 10 years, but there were really good times and bad times. I had a time with Nuri Shahin. It was so good that I started from the first day I came to Antalyaspor. I felt like. “I have lived this time. I have never experienced any bad things. For example, I believe we can continue to maintain our level. I believe in improving myself. Most importantly, I believe it is mature and emotional. Nuri Shahin made me believe this. He provided incredible mental coaching not only in the field but also outside the field. He said I was ready now. There are successes, failures, and no compromises in football. There is no doubt. Keep in mind, there is no doubt whether it was or was it. I am very clear. I have a line. We are confident that Antalyaspor will be a huge success this year as well. “

“I’m impressed when the teacher Nuri’s name is mentioned.”

Dogukan Sinik was asked how he was praised by world-famous forward Samuel Eto’o and former football manager Nuri Shahin, who played with him for a while, saying, “When I played with Samuel Eto’o, he Gave me a lot of support .. Eto’o If I remember correctly using these sentences, I was hired by Kemerspoa in a very short time. I had an adventure there. Nuri Shahin was a soccer player. I had a conversation at all times. It’s a very interesting memory. I talk to him from time to time. I told him don’t think I’ve heard of it. “I had an interesting conversation. It’s very important to hear these from two world stars, but the many names of the teacher Nuri have been added to me, which makes me emotional when his name is mentioned. He did more than just a mentor like a mental coach. I was very fortunate to be able to work with him. “

“Europe has always been my goal”

Sinick points out that playing soccer in Europe has always been one of his goals, saying: “Now and Then, Here and There are paving the way for the people here. That’s always my goal. I’m currently transferring from Antariaspo to the Championship. Now we agree. This spirit also happens to young people. “This is very important. If you have a younger brother who really has a goal in Europe and has such a vision, this will happen. Get, and I’ve seen it happen. “

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Dogukan Sinik: I noticed that I was playing soccer with Nuri Shahin ...