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The historic era of Besiktas begins.

After reaching a happy ending in the league and cup, black and white players couldn’t find what they wanted in the 2021-202 season and turned to a new season.

The summer period, when many players’ contracts expire and important transfers are made in the final move of Gedson Fernandez, will, of course, be decisive for the Besiktas community in the medium to long term.

The community, which had experienced coaching uncertainty in the months prior to this important corner, made this decision to influence next year, and perhaps the following year, by uniting in the name of Valérien Ismael. did.

Both on social media and in his own statement, clear conclusions can be reached about Ismael’s past, successes and failures, his football philosophy, and what he wants to see. As a result of these beliefs, a new topic of discussion is on the agenda, which spreads from language to mouth and produces subjective ideas.

Can Triple Defense East hold up in Besiktas?

Let’s start with the seat upright.

What does Triple Defense promise?

First, let’s consider why coaches who have been active in triple defense in recent years are preferred even though there are many types of quad formations.

A well-structured 3-4-2-1 with the right parts in place, it really aims to be a complete team for a period of time.

Having three centerbacks and two wingbacks has been an antidote to the press team for years, moving them forward and preventing the ball from kicking. The aggressive participation of the centerback, the fact that it shares both the touchline and the inner lane with the wingback, and the duo behind the striker result in a high quality, difficult-to-defend placement.

In particular, the 3-4-2-1 system withstands “lazy”, positionless and aggressive players. This is because they are parallel and promote confusion and congestion. For example, one of the criticisms I agree with against Pochettino is that if there is a player like Messi Neymar who does not follow fullback and does not have a midfield press, he will not use triple defense.

Again, with these systems, a team that dominates the ball but goes out on the field without a striker origin player and has no forward with a “pivot” feature from another perspective. You can get an advantage against. Striker who doesn’t have a tie-up game can sometimes find an opportunity to play against two defenders, but it’s difficult to fight against three centerbacks.

However, all these promises carry great risks. Let’s talk about these soon.

What are the “necessities” and risks of a triple defense formation?

Most of the obligations and risks of these orders are parallel to each other.

For example, a team using Triple Defense should be able to find and hire a wait that suits this character and meets their needs. With these transfers, it is difficult to achieve a “full hit” on the Turkish budget, and the same wait can warn if the system fails and returns four-way defense.

Adding a defender to the field means removing the player from the midfield or attack line. Therefore, at least one side defender must be able to provide line support, the midfielder must have the virtues and dynamism to carry a double center, and aggressive players must be both productive and finish. You need to show the function. This order, which promises integrity in the final successful scenario, can also lead to deadlocks if the gear fails in any way.

It’s a pain for a team that has been using quad defense for years to return to the trio. The most important part of the pain appears when the defender and back adapt to set the correct distance between them. Fenerbahce, for example, experienced this distance problem in a match where Serdal Aziz or Philip Novark played as a side defender and provided convenience to players running towards the back post.

And, of course, when you think about the negative possibilities … the more painful the transition from quartet to triple is, the more painful it is to fail and return to the quartet. You can even change your staff’s plans from top to bottom.

How well is the Besiktas team suitable for triple defense preferences? And how can I add it?

Here, it does not hurt to speak out the term used for Fenerbahce throughout the season on behalf of Besiktas. Besiktas squads are not suitable for triple defense, but not perfectly for quad formation. Therefore, this system change should not be considered an exorbitant mistake by thinking independently of its content.

Few players can play in the midfield double center of the black and white team, connect the front and back, walk 60-70 meters on the field, and support productivity. Gedson Fernandez, who is not yet on the team, is the only candidate to carry this shirt if he is mentally and physically ready.

There are also some question marks about Besiktas fullback. Rosier is a good player on the line, but if thrown into the inner lane, he runs the risk of becoming a regular soccer player robbed of his most important weapons. Ludvan Yırmaz is also a name that reduces the threat as you approach the touchline, but you can make a pass connection in the inner lane. In this context, how Ismael arranges the burners is very important.

Since the beginning of the season, the black and white team has not been able to get full efficiency from any defender. This may come back when the player wins in a triple formation. Wellington, whose name is normally clumsy and uncontrolled, is located far from the penalty area and can stay in rotation as a “side defender” who can throw the ball freely. The characters in the game are very similar to Marcel Tiseland in this respect.

Montero, on the other hand, looks good on paper, but may require movement instead because of its non-contact nature, slowness, and dislike of carrying the ball despite its good feet.

One of the escape points of the triple formation is the ability to hire a player as a side defender. For example, Josef de Souza can be tried in the future as part of Besiktas’ line of defense. But to make all these attempts meaningful, the Center Defender needs to be an athletic leader with high position knowledge and low error propensity. He takes on the role of sweeper, so his physical quality must exceed league standards.

Offensive lines will be more decisive than ever. With the exception of Ghezzal, Besiktas has few players who appeal to multiple features of the front area. Qualifications aside, almost all offensive players are separated by their identity as “scorers” or “producers”.

You need to have a more complete player with a structure that increases the defenders by reducing the number of players from the front area. It is imperative that the striker absolutely provide a backward game and a stable goal contribution, and that the wings (or rear duo) are effective in both open areas and closed defense. You need a name to carry, not move here.

Important question: Will players like Ghezzal be less productive?

Let me be included in this debate that has confused many football fans and caused disagreements.

Sports people, especially Besiktas fans, are worried that Ghezzal, the team’s most efficient offensive weapon for two years, will lose its efficiency in a triple defense setup.

Teams that have used Triple Defense for a given period will note that they play with parallel wings with at least one of the two feet in front. There is a simple reason for this usage. This can be seen at different times in players such as Willian, Mount, Kamada and Sancho. If you have few attackers, you need to accelerate the game and take the ball off your feet immediately. As much as possible.

However, this is not a law. In the economic situation of the Super League, demands such as the inability to adapt and change Ghezzal-type stable and compatible players to the system will appear to Utopia. For this reason, some stretching is required.

Ghezzal is essentially a wing, but it works better if you use the inner lane or get closer to the center. Therefore, it is more efficient and probably necessary to center him and the other wings, leaving the touchline primarily in the wingback.

Önder Karaveli was uncomfortable with the team’s frequent counterattacks during the first few weeks in Besiktas and moved closer to Roshie. This situation allowed the French player to face a possible danger, but he left Ghezzal alone and imprisoned him at the touchline. This situation occupies a great position in Besiktas’ long-lasting 0-0 / 1-1 series reasons, with fewer goals and fewer positions.

This example is valuable to us. That’s because it reveals that something that reduces the efficiency of Ghezzal and players like him is not only read from the formation, but may also be related to the way it is used. In the end, Algerian stars played very effectively and, despite using four formations in almost every season, couldn’t get close to last season’s stats. If a similar picture comes out next season, the reason is “the coach plays a trio!”. It shouldn’t be as simple as summarizing.

Misunderstandings to avoid

Let’s summarize what was indirectly mentioned in the article in one sentence. No matter how difficult and risky it may be, if you bring in a trainer who prefers triple defense, you need to organize your team accordingly.

Moreover, adaptation is not the only risk at this stage. Theoretical errors can accompany it.

Let me explain like this.

As a set of both spectators and professionals, we focus only on the technical capabilities of the players of the teams who call themselves “passing teams”. The “defense team” for most of us should consist only of catchy players. It is enough to find a fast player in the “counterattack team”.

However, in football, you have to fulfill all your obligations for every order and understanding. The difference between the systems only means emphasizing a few points.

Valérien Ismael describes the team and the game by pressing during the match, keeping it alive and dynamic, and using most of the field. This situation can lead to the misconception that “you shouldn’t just pay attention to the dynamism of soccer players.”

Besiktas does not require a dynamic player. He needs a dynamic player to meet many needs of his position and role. If you ignore this, problems will occur and can grow unknowingly.

In the second semester of Vítor Pereira, Fenerbahce players such as Ferdi, Osai Samuel, Crespo, Zaitz, Sarai and Kim Min-jae performed well, while aggressive players such as Rossi and Mesut Özil scored to some extent. Meet the needs. The team also had credible goalkeepers, but the day Pereira left, they were far behind the leaders and said goodbye to the Europa League.

The forwards of this team couldn’t play the connection game, the name supporting the striker was separated by a sharp line as “Producer-Finisher”, and the midfield couldn’t connect all the lines. After all, looking at each one, many names are productive, but a structure that is far from the goal emerges.

Besiktas requires multiple direct carrier transfers to make it look good and not raise similar alarms. Depending on the role of the coach, you may need to add at least two good defenders, perhaps a full back move, a high quality player who can perform multiple functions in the midfield, and two carriers on the attack line. I have. While doing all this, you need to thoroughly analyze the situation of players like Joseph de Souza, whose performance is guaranteed but aged.

A very important time begins for the black and white team. The period of staff reduction includes not only opportunities but also risk factors. All the wrong moves you make can put you on a difficult path in terms of economy and sports.

Besiktas management needs to manage this process in harmony with Valérien Ismael. Ismael also has a difficult test of being able to integrate his system into established staff by keeping his system open with some flexibility.

It’s time to add dots to the lines. Thank you for your time. We hope you will meet us with new content and have a happy day.