Do you play sports every day? Does Exercise Every Day of the Week Lose Muscle? Is It Harmful?



People who want to do sports every day should know how to do sports. However, the period of sport is more relevant to the individual. Individual; many variables must be taken into account, such as age, gender, sports history, physical condition, and lifestyle.

For someone who has never played a sport in their life, encouraging them to do one hour of sport a day can be very harmful to the individual. Also, a person who has never played sports in his life starts playing sports for 15 minutes a day, and after doing it regularly and continuously for a certain period of time, he increases this time to 25 minutes and extends it. is important. Passage of time. This way you can exercise every day.

Do you play sports every day?

There is no clear and definite answer to the question of whether to play sports every day. We can also say that this order, which is always mentioned for doing sports, is confused with doing sports every day. As each person’s metabolism, weight and other factors are unique to each individual, the sports plan created will also vary from person to person. Therefore, there is no single answer to the question of whether to play sports every day of the week.



In addition to all this, it is helpful to consult a professional before starting any sport to find out if you have any health problems that prevent you from doing it. Body fat percentage is also very important.Once you have the information you need to know your body, you can create a sports program. For beginners, it is recommended to play sports three days a week. However, this situation may vary from person to person and depending on the type of sport you do.

Does Exercise Every Day of the Week Lose Muscle?

I play sports every day. Results can be delayed because your muscles don’t have time to renew themselves and rest. However, there is no clear information that playing sports every day will melt your muscles.


Is playing sports every day harmful or beneficial?

Some may think about the harm of playing sports. But just like anything can be harmful, sports can be excessively harmful. Exercising every day and not giving your body rest can harm your body in many ways. Some of these damages are:

・I lose my motivation

– Performance levels may be reduced.

– Problems such as disc herniation, ligament damage, osteoporosis, muscle problems, and menisci can occur.

Excessive exercise can increase excessive stress hormones,

– Difficulty falling asleep.


– Vigorous sports activities can cause permanent rhythm disturbances.

Depending on the type and intensity of the sport, it may or may not be beneficial to do it every day. Some types of sports are performed at low intensity, making them ideal for daily practice. In addition, it is known to add many benefits to the body when done daily. Some of them are:

– Increases maximal oxygen capacity.

– Helps improve circulation in the heart and blood vessels,

– Increases HDL in the blood.

– Improve physical performance.

– Help people with high blood pressure control their blood pressure.

– Helps increase cardiac reserve.