Djaniny made the history of Trabzonspor! Bakasetas” Penalty’Unhappiness …

Djaniny made history as the first player to score three consecutive games in the Super League this season from Trabzonspor, scoring last night. Bakasetas increased the number of penalties he missed while wearing a burgundy blue jersey on a penalty shot against Atakashu Hatayspor.

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Summarizing the latest developments of Trabzonspor, which finished the 2021-22 season as the SporToto Super League Champion …

Djaniny made the history of Trabzonspor

Trabzonspor’s Djaniny Semedo scored his team’s only goal in the 48th minute of Atakashhataispor, the league’s 36th week match.

The match was a one-on-one draw and Janiny became the first Trabzonspor player to score a goal against Hatayspor in this season’s Super League and score three games in a row.

Janini scored a goal in the 30th week of the away league with Caykur Rize Spor and in the 34th week at Adana Demirspor, but played for a card penalty in the Gaziantep FK match in the 32nd week. I could not do it.

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The third top gorgeous player on the team

The 31-year-old striker made history by scoring the 2,500th goal of Trabzonspor in the history of Super League in the game of Caykur Rize Spor.

Super League Champion Trabzonspor’s Cape Verde scored 10 goals and 3 assists in 28 games against his team this season.

Djaniny Semedo is ranked third in the Burgundy Blue Team’s highest scorer ranking, behind Cornelius and Nuwakaemé.

Bakasetas” Penalty’Unhappiness

Anastasias Bacasetas, who moved from Alanyaspor to Trabzonspor last season, remained silent with the team in the second half of the Super League and enjoyed the championship. After being injured in a Goztepe match and injured in the 10th week of the league, the scorer, whose performance was significantly reduced, was unable to score a goal in 13 weeks.

Goal silence was 12 weeks

A player who broke silence in the 23rd week of the league in Galatasaray’s match, but was silent again, was unable to assist and score in the last 12 weeks unless the Gaziantep FK match was interrupted. A player who couldn’t take advantage of the penalty shot that beat Atakashu Hatayspor last night missed an important opportunity.

Half the failure of the penalty

With eight goals and four assists in 32 league matches in the Burgundy Blue Jersey, Bakasetas scored a total of four goals from all tournament penalties in the Claret Blue Jersey and failed four times. Bacasetas scored a total of four penalty kicks against the Trabzonspor jerseys of Fenerbahce, Yucatel Kayserispor, Demir Grupusivaspor and Aitemizu Alanyaspor.

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Missed 4 penalties

The 28-year-old midfielder was unable to take advantage of the penalty shots he took in overtime against Molde in the third UEFA Europa League qualifying round on August 5, 2021. Bakasetas was unable to control the ball and evaluate the two repeated penalty kicks in the referee’s decision after the penalty decision against GZT Giresunspor, which he played in the 22nd week of the league this season. The unlucky player was unable to turn the penalty into a goal in the 12th minute of the Atakashu Hatayspor match last night.

Most missed in Trabzonspor

Bakasetas, who missed a penalty shot against Kosovo in the UEFA Nations League Group C match for Greece in 2020, cannot turn a penalty shot against Gençlerbirli into a goal when he wears Aitemizu Alanyaspor in 2020. was. The unlucky player of the penalty missed the most penalty kicks in his career while wearing the Trabzonspor jersey.

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