Diyanet Academy Law passed by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey


It will be established to carry out vocational and in-service training activities for religious candidates. Religious academysi Lawu Turkey Grand National CouncilVoted for i and was approved.

The Diyanet Academy Act was approved by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey with 278 votes in favor, 10 abstentions and 0 votes against.

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According to the proposal, some activities will be established from now on to be carried out by the Bureau of Religious Affairs’ Directorate General of Education Services. Religious academyIt is made in it. The Diyanet Academy consists of religious, religious and training centers. Diyanet Academy is directly subordinate to the President. The President will carry out vocational and in-service training activities for candidate religious staff appointed as executives of religious service classes, as well as training activities for local religious staff from abroad. Organized and assigned courses and certification programs related to research, publications, conferences, panels, seminars, symposiums, and similar religious, scientific, social, and cultural events, the president’s field of work. Perform other duties.


Religious Academy; Working with and cooperating with the Ministry of Education, the Council of Higher Education, universities, higher education institutions that provide undergraduate religious education and Mufti offices, and other national and international institutions, organizations and boards. Relationships, research implementations, and training program implementations that can establish professional and scientific ones can form advisory boards and committees.

-Appointed as an educator’s staff

Participate in research and applied activities among those who teach at the academy, graduate from four years of higher religious education, complete education at the Center for Higher Religions, or have a PhD in theology. Those who have graduated from four years of higher religious education in subjects that require special skills, such as religious music and reading, and who have passed the exams conducted by the President, are appointed to the staff of the Education Staff of the Dyanette Academy. increase. ..

In addition, up to 10% of religious academy’s staff with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and passing exams conducted by the President can be staffed by educators.

The president of the Religious Academy must have at least a bachelor’s degree in higher religious education.

-Recruitment of human resources

Contract employees can be hired under the chair of the Diyanet Academy.

In addition to the general conditions stipulated in Law No. 657, up to three times the candidates for each position appointed among the candidates who meet the special conditions stipulated by the Presidential Law. Candidates and religious officers will be determined in the order of passing the oral or practical exams that the president conducts for admission to the academy. Candidate religious officials determined by the president receive vocational training at the Religious Academy.

The duration of the academy’s education will be determined between 6 months and 3 years, taking into account the candidate’s educational status, assigned positions, and success in the academy entrance exam.

A person appointed as a contractor may not be assigned anywhere else for three years. The spouse of a contract employee who has been deported due to an excuse for a family union is subject to this employee.

According to the contract, a person who has completed a three-year service period will be appointed to a civil servant in the same position upon request. Those appointed in this way will serve in the same place for at least another year and will not be subject to the provisions of a candidate civil servant.

Those appointed with vocational training are required to serve as much as the period of vocational training.

Payment date for those who stop training before completing vocational training and the president cancels the candidacy, except for those who cannot continue their duties due to health reasons.

Except for those who cannot continue their duties due to health reasons after their appointment, those who resigned their duties for some reason before the expiration of their obligations and those who were dismissed will bear all costs incurred. To do. They are proportional to the period of lack of obligation and are based on the equivalent of the payment date.

Persons in the presidency or in positions that are deemed appropriate in accordance with the principles determined by the presidential palace are eligible for in-service training, courses, or certification programs at the Religious Academy. Cheong Wa Dae employees who meet the educational requirements appointed to the religious service class and pass the exams conducted by Cheong Wa Dae can participate in protected vocational training. Personal rights.

This proposal also regulates the personal rights of educators at religious academies.