“Discover new talent together”-TRTSpor

“At each branch of the same Tokyo Olympics, we will march to the top, which is the most successful point of all branches, and continue,” said Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharlem Casapol. He said.

Under the slogan “Love for sports does not know the barriers”, the Ministry of Youth Sports sent 27,000,259 sporting goods to 500 special education schools in the Ministry of Education in 81 states of Turkey. rice field. The final program related to the aid event was held at the Buffcheriebreller Martyr Mustafa Special Sports Complex in Istanbul.

Minister of Youth Sports Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, Minister of Youth Sports of Istanbul Burhanettin Hacıcafe roğlu and Mayor of Bahçelievler Hakan Bahadır participated in a program attended by many students from private and surrounding schools.

Minister Casapol: “We will discover new talent together.”

The youth sports minister, Mehmet Muharlem Casapol, who gave a speech here, said that special athletes most strongly proved that their love for sports was unaware of obstacles. In honor of the President’s speech at Ankara’s Presidential Complex for our beloved brothers, we respect every obstacle in the sport one by one. Thankfully, the track he started is in 81 states. Arriving at, today we are holding a ceremony to put together sporting goods in a beautiful facility. We took him to Istanbul at Bahçelievler. We used the phrase.

Minister Kasapoğlu explained that trucks traveling in 81 cities traveled 47,000 kilometers and reached the range so far, saying:

“In this way, materials covering nearly 20 sports chapters have reached hundreds of thousands of students and athletes. It is a special pleasure for all of us to hold this ceremony in Istanbul today. Istanbul, 500 educational institutions in Turkey will benefit from now on. This project has strong coordination and coordination. There is cooperation between public institutions, the private sector, especially the Ministry of Education, our clubs and federations. And thank God. We have rallyed this partnership in Istanbul today.

In this sense, our national athletes sponsor schools where materials arrive and are a source of inspiration and guidance for training new champions from those schools. Our coaches carry out special training programs and together discover new talents. With a strong infrastructure, we prepare athletes for national competitions, fields, courts and tracks. On behalf of the entire sports world and our youth, I would like to thank our respected President. With his strong leadership and broad vision, he always inspires us for his meaningful and strong support. “

“We never avoid sacrifice”

He pointed out that the work he started to raise tomorrow’s champions has contributed, and that the new generation is known to be a different force than the current generation, said Minister Casapol. Marching and, like any other branch, at the Tokyo Olympics, it was and will continue to be the most successful point of all branches. From now on, don’t hesitate to sacrifice for champions and candidates. We will continue to strengthen our entire infrastructure. ”We used the phrase.

Kasapoğlu emphasizes that access to sports and access to sports for all is very important and one of the main goals is to provide access to sports for all 85 million people. I said one. For all our schools and our special children. I made that evaluation.

Paralympic Champion Zubeide Spurgeti: “Love for sports is not an obstacle”

Paralympic athlete Zubeyde Sprugechi, who was invited to the stage to give a speech, said she was a national athlete in the city of Baucular in wheelchair athletics, “I represented my country at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Is a European champion. Affection for sports is not an obstacle. We ran all international races in those chairs and won gold medals for our country. We wasted this effort I didn’t. “He said.

After the speech, the students enjoyed the sonar Kabadai song.