Dino Zoff talks to TRT SPOR-TRT Spor

Legendary Italian goalkeeper Dino Zoff, who became the champion of the 1982 World Cup captain of the Italian national team, made a special statement to TRTSpor Italy correspondent Dündar Keşaplı before the 2022 World Cup Europe playoff tour. did. It was held in Qatar.

It’s not long until the playoffs. Turkey will play against Portugal in Porto and Italy will host North Macedonia. How would you rate these matches?

“These are important matches for the World Cup. So it’s definitely very important, but everything is in struggle. Everything is a good team, but I’m not sure about North Macedonia. Italian I think the national team has a chance to pass the first match, while Turkey “It’s hard to predict a match in Portugal because Portugal has good teams and great players. Turkey has new players I don’t know because it’s a team that is there. It’s still very successful, but it’s always necessary to approach Turkish football with respect. “

Italy is the last European champion, but there were some small mistakes and I didn’t have the opportunity to participate directly in the World Cup because of the small mistakes. Italians are also waiting for a match in North Macedonia. Italy also has a chance to pass the tour. What must manager Mancini do to advance to the playoffs?

“He has to win the match as he did in the last European Championship. Italy has a chance to go to the round. I trust this team because Italy had three important advantages to play in the cup. Two of them were left. In the match between Switzerland and Ireland. There is still a third chance. “We Italians have the ability to do much better in difficult situations. I believe that passing the tour will allow me to participate in the World Cup, whether in Turkey or not. Portugal is coming. “

Turkey started badly but was able to stay in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Portugal has quality players and will be Ronaldo’s final World Cup. Turkey also has an important player. How do you see Turkey’s potential to eliminate Portugal?

“In the only match that takes place this way, every team has the opportunity to tour. What matters is the performance on the field. It all depends on the struggle. Of course, it’s a big advantage for Italy. I play on my field. I can win the first match, but in the second match it will be difficult to play against teams such as Turkey and Portugal. It can be. “

So which team do you want Italy to play against? Turkey or Portugal?

“I haven’t guessed about this or that team. I have to leave it for fate.”

While in Qatar, Qatar wants to see both Portugal’s Ronaldo and Italy at the World Cup, but that’s not possible. Would it be disappointing if they didn’t see Cristiano Ronaldo?

“Neither Ronaldo nor Italy. As you say, it’s impossible to have both at the same time. Win the best.”

Qatar is incredibly ready for the World Cup … the first such organization to be hosted by a country in the region. What do you think about this?

“The football tradition will be a cup in a country that is very different. I know they have made the best preparations for the opportunity. I think they were ready for the World Cup. The tournament is It will be successful. “

Galatasaray is a very successful Turkish team in Europe. They were undefeated from the UEFA Europa League group and drew a goalless away match against Barcelona in their first match. How do you see Galatasaray’s potential to pass a round in a return match?

“Galatasaray is a very good team. We achieved an important away result with Barcelona in the first match. However, Galatasaray still needs to be very careful in the return match. Watch the away match against Naples in Barcelona. So Barcelona lost the match without Messi. Young, Barcelona is an ambitious and very dangerous team. It will be a tough match. Of course, it is advantageous for Galatasaray to play on the field, but that is It will be a very difficult match. “

You participated in the World Cup in 1982. This is a historic achievement for Italy. Can you tell us your memories of those days?

“I won the World Cup at the age of 40 and it was an unforgettable job for the captain. We were above the clouds in terms of happiness. Memories always remain. Fans always remember you well. increase.”

“Another memory (when I was a coach) was the first match against Turkey at Euro 2000. It was a very good match, but Turkey really challenged. I won, but It was a good team, many years ago, but I will never forget it. “

At that time, Turkey had a good team. Currently, there are players like Merih Demiral and Hakan Calhanor who are playing in Serie A. Does he have a chance to play against Portugal?

“A good quality player always makes a difference, but you have to show it on the pitch.”