Development to change the course of Yazicioglu research!

Development to change the course of Yazicioglu research!

In an investigation conducted by the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office of Kahramanmaraş on the deaths of Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, the President of the Grand Unified Party (BBP), and five people who accompanied him, nine expert committees completed and reported the work. Reports that change the course of the investigation will soon be in the file.

In a survey conducted by the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office of Kahramanmaras, BBP’s Musin Yazsior, Elhan Ustunda, Yuxel Jansi, Murat Chetinkaya, Ismail Gunes and helicopter pilot Mustafa Kaya Iskendeltepe crashed in 2009. Keş Mountain in the Göksun district of Kahramanmaras. The investigation determined that 132 people were not charged on June 20, 2016. Following opposition from the Yazıcıoğlu family and the party, the Kahramanmaraş Second Criminal Court lifted the decision to withdraw the charges of 20 suspects on April 10, 2018, dismissing 112 appeals.

The expression of 200 people was shot

With this decision, the investigation file for the helicopter crash was resumed. Within the scope of the investigation conducted by the Kahramanmaras Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office, statements of about 200 people were issued, including suspects, plaintiffs, witnesses and victims. The number of suspects in the file, starting with 20 suspects, has been increased by new statements and evidence.

Nine expert committees assigned

Arrest warrants have been issued to some suspects within the scope of the investigation, but law enforcement work continues to arrest these people. While the investigation file exceeds 200 folders; the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office of Kaframanmarash has appointed a nine-member expert committee on this regarding helicopter crashes, including weather conditions, external intervention in helicopters, fighter effects, pilot errors, etc. We investigated various allegations up to.

The report will change the journey of research

The members of the expert committee, which started its activities in July last year, were selected from experts in various fields who had not participated in the file until today. An expert consisting of a helicopter pilot, an F4-F16 pilot, an aeronautical traffic specialist, an engine engineer, two electrical and electronic engineers, and three professors from the ITU Aerospace Sciences Department will also discuss the remains of the Anakara Esenboir helicopter. We conducted a detailed investigation.

Experts who also examined the survey file completed the survey and began writing reports. Expert report to be submitted in the near future. Answer the question of whether the helicopter crashed in an assassination, accident or negligence and change the direction of the investigation.

YAVUZ: The file is illuminated by the report

Kemal Yavuz, a lawyer for the Yazıcıoğlu family, said the team of experts appointed in the investigation of the helicopter crash was of great importance to the future of the investigation. Recalling that an accident crash team was formed after the helicopter crashed, Yavuz continued:

“The Accident Crime Team will produce a report explaining why the aircraft in flight crashed and was shot down. Within this framework, an irregular accident crime committee was formed. The illegal accident. There was an invalid report made by the criminal team. The report is very inadequate. To make a decision. Already an inappropriate report.

An influential expert report had to be created as a replacement for that report. In this regard, the Kahramanmaras Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office introduced a nine-member expert committee. Expert reports are imminent. We hope to reach more specific data once the expert committee prepares the report. This is what to do if you don’t try to cover the file. After this report is produced, within this framework, perhaps in part, you will have the opportunity to find answers to the hundreds of unanswered questions we have asked. We are waiting for this report and the file will be cleared after the report is issued. “

“13 years is a long time in state life.”

As of today, 13 years have passed since the case, and there was only one crime, and many investigations and proceedings were filed instead of one investigation, Kemal Yavuz said, the case needs to be handled in one file. Said there is.

“We’ve been digging wells with needles for 13 years in a court battle,” Yaves said. “In this court battle, it’s fair to do an investigation without anyone talking, rather than making anyone suspicious. I want to be. Evidence. 13 years is a long time in both human and national life. It’s too late. If we act on the principle that justice is not justice, it is very long from a judicial point of view. It’s time, it’s unacceptable time. Justice should be given promptly, without delay. “

8 people were imprisoned

The main investigation of Yazicioglu is ongoing, but proceedings have been filed for crimes such as theft after a helicopter crash and interruption of search and rescue operations.

“The wreckage of a helicopter was found. Group BBP chairman Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu has a broken leg. He has been transferred to Göksun State Hospital,” said Dursun Özmen, then Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Kahramanmaras Police Department. Stated. According to information, he was imprisoned for two years if he was charged with abusing his duties for interfering with search and rescue operations. You have been sentenced.

State military police commander Sezai Akgün and state police chief Necdet Çelikbilek were also sentenced to one year and two months in prison for abuse of authority.

In another case heard in the Kahramanmaraş Fifth Criminal Court, Orhan Birdal, then general manager of the State Airport Authority, was tried for one year and one month for abuse of authority in Ali Arıduru, general manager of civil aviation. .. And for three months, Adana Gender Marie Regional Commander retired. Lieutenant Alila Panta was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months, and staff chief Mazurum Kosol was sentenced to 1 year and 1 month.

The jurisdiction of 19 people continues

Meanwhile, the Kahramanmaraş Second High Court Criminal Court targeted 19 people who allegedly interfered with the investigation and supported the investigation according to the instructions of Fethullah Gülen, the leader of the FETO terrorist organization, and the leader of the organization. A lawsuit was filed in. Guide them according to the purpose of the organization.

Being a member of an armed terrorist organization, supporting an armed terrorist organization, supporting theft crimes by benefiting from the death of a person, stealing and committing crimes by benefiting from the death of a person Trial of Suspected Crimes On behalf of armed terrorist organizations, chain damage, forgery of crimes, overruns, praise of crimes, and criminals continue.

Investigation of several judges and prosecutors looking for files

In addition, an investigation was initiated by HSK at the request of the Kahramanmaras Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office on some judges and hunters who had dealt with the case in Malatya during the time of the Specially Authorized Court and were expelled from FETO.