Details that attract attention in build / operation / transfer projects!It turned out to be 20 percent

In today’s article, Kanal7 Ankara representative Mehmet Acet evaluated the build / operation / transfer model that enables a huge project in Turkey and said:Construction / operation / relocation projects that the opposition accuses of making the parent contractor rich represent 20 percent of the total investment made during the AK party. Shared information.In his article Minister of Transport Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu “Harbi” and “hasbi” Ace said, stating that he had a side. “”Many may have noticed such a feature by attending a television show over the phone and turning CHP leader Kemal Kılıdarır into an “upside-down corner.” But instead of taking a step back and taking it for granted when he’s controversial, he must also say that his style above it makes President Imamoul uneasy. Must be. ” I used an expression.

The Mehmet Acet article is:

At the beginning of the article, I would like to talk a bit about what I experienced in the background of the Capital Kulisi program, which was held with Transport Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu on Channel 7 in Istanbul.

We were in the city to attend a panel hosted by the city of Gaziantep Shahinbey, as we had an appointment in advance on Saturday.

While in Gaziantep, I also tracked the weather conditions in Istanbul and whether the plane took off.

According to my usual schedule, I was supposed to arrive in Ankara from Gaziantep on flight 18.00 and follow Istanbul on flight 20.40.

But that wasn’t possible.

Flights from Ankara to Istanbul and flights from Antep to Istanbul were canceled on Saturday night due to heavy snow.

If we had left on the road on our way back to Gaziantep, that would have meant a serious adventure.

The weather forecast gave the most dangerous time between Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

I was immediately drawn to the idea of ​​the Shinkansen.

Looking at the news, the number of high-speed trains has increased due to the cancellation.

In such weather, the most ideal train journey was said to be news.

That happened.

The high-speed train, boarded at 7:15 am, arrived at Istanbul Söğütlüçeşme on time.

Why did I write these?

Because the people of Istanbul have earrings in their ears for such times.

Features of the 1915 Canakkale Bridge

Minister of Transport Adil Karaismailoğlu “Harbi” and “hasbi” There is one side.

When he says something, he says it with confidence, not the anxiety of “I make a mistake.”

Against criticism and accusations from opponents ‘Challenge’ He can use his language well.

Many may have noticed such a feature by attending a television show over the phone and turning CHP leader Kemal Kılıdarır into an “upside-down corner.”

But when he argues, instead of taking a step back, instead of taking a step forward, instead of taking a step back, It must also be said that it made 0054BB President 0054 mamoğlu uneasy.

These are my personal views on Minister Karais Myroul.

Now let’s share some information about what I said in the program I wrote.

The opening of the Canakkale Bridge in 1915 will take place on Friday by President Tayyip Erdogan.

Let us tell you the characteristics of the bridge based on the information provided by Minister Karaismailoğlu.

“The distance from shore to shore of our bridge is 4000,600 meters. Its feet are 318 meters. It’s like a 100-story building. It was over 1.5 years ago. Such a big The project will be completed in 4 years. The length of the steel cable is 162,000 km. 177,000 tons of steel was used. The cost is 2,045 million euros. Direct contribution to the annual economy. Is 400 million euros. “

1915 Canakkale Bridge, built in Turkey “Huge” It’s in the project.

During the 20-year AK Party rules, the country’s infrastructure needs were almost complete.

Don’t forget the following:

This kind of project really makes a lot of sense for Turkey’s future.

About this bridge between the words of the Minister above “There is a direct contribution of 400 million euros a year.” I gave an expression.

What does this mean?

Apart from fuel and time savings, these highways and bridges contribute significantly to economic vitality.

According to Karaismailoğlu After the opening of the Istanbul / Izmir Highway and the Osmangaji Bridge, many new organized industrial areas were built on the route, creating space for tens of thousands of new jobs.

Similar progress is expected on the route through the Canakkale Bridge.

In addition, the bridge belongs to the state at the end of the 12-year contract.

Construction / operation / relocation projects that the opposition accuses of making subcontractors rich represent 20 percent of the total investment made during the AK party.

Minister Karaismailoğlu describes the construction / operation / relocation project of the Bosphorus Strait (formerly known as the Martyrs Bridge on July 15), which was completely constructed in the 1970s with spending from the central budget. For example.

“At that time, when this bridge was being built, when all the opportunities were mobilized for this place, it could not bring enough investment to Anatolia.” To tell.

It looks like this:

The government has built these bridges, airports and highways in high-value-added and highly-circulated areas, and with the cooperation of the public and private sectors, has significantly allocated investment items from the central budget to the needs of Anatolia.

This has results that benefit everyone.

Given that the Biden administration has allocated a $ 500 billion budget to renew US aging infrastructure investment, it is understandable that these projects do not fall into the luxury or waste category.

Aside from that, the 80% reduction in road accidents thanks to the construction of highways, double roads and “saving the lives of 12,000 people” shows that there are things that cannot be measured by physical measurements.

Minister Karaismailoğlu gives an example from Istanbul Airport while talking about a construction / operation / relocation project.

Let’s transfer:

“Istanbul Airport is one of the most successful projects in the world. You will receive € 22 billion in rental income from the state for 25 years, and you will be getting money from it as passengers come to the passenger guarantee. I hope I can embark on a 2019 journey later this year. After that, it will continue to grow. “

sauce: NEWS7