Details of the Summit at Trabzonspor have been announced! -Trabzonspor (TS) News

With the advent of Abdullah Avc, Trabzonspor continues to correctly reveal its “soccer mind”. Transfers trained in the first camp of last season and the first camp of this season, and players who joined the team during half-time of this season, are the most important indications that Trabzonspor is managed by the “soccer mind”. It is an index. Trabzonspor has evolved from “no transfer engineering” to “transfer engineering”, leading the team to today’s championship. It doesn’t matter who is on the team or who is new to the team. They are all in the wheel of the system and are working properly. The meeting held the day before in Istanbul by President Ahmet Aoul, Vice President Ertururu Doan, and Technical Director Abdullah Avcu was just the fact that these truths would continue. The person who saw the picture had a sense of déjà vu. The same picture was taken last year. Trabzonspor is competing in this season’s championship, following last year’s photo. The photo also states, in a nutshell, “I will continue to dominate the league and even plan to succeed in Europe.” So what happened at that summit?

Transition from Europe to infrastructure

Trabzonspor’s infrastructure has been unable to produce in recent years. Of course, there are many reasons for this. However, the reason is not limited to Trabzonspor. The problem with many Turkish clubs is that their infrastructure cannot be produced. The most basic flaw is the lack of investment in both trainers, facilities and players. Trabzonspor has invested heavily in establishing infrastructure and named it the “Infrastructure Philosopher” Ozkan Sumer Football Academy. Then it was time to move on to a production academy worthy of his name, and Abdullah Abju wanted the entire system to change. He submitted his report on this. Perhaps European and Turkish infrastructure experts and experienced names will be appointed.

German pilot team plan

Trabzonspor has accepted the idea of ​​establishing a pilot team. Either Turkey or Germany. In the past, there was a Burgundy Blue pilot team. But again, the well-known ball of problem has come to an end. Ultimately, if the pilot team is set up correctly, young players can gain experience as well as knowledge of physics, games, and position. Some players coming from infrastructure to Trabzonspor don’t even know where to stand on the field. I don’t know where to run! It’s not really their fault. Players couldn’t learn where they came from, they weren’t taught enough. However, it was sent to Team A as “ready”! How sad is it? When Trabzonspor adapts its infrastructure model to the requirements of modern football, players can improve themselves by playing in the pilot team, even if they are not on Team A.

Will UĞURCAN go or stay?

Uglucan Chakul is the most important point in Trabzonspor! Will he go or stay? If he leaves, is the next name a local or a foreigner? If not, is there any improvement in pricing? The decision is entirely Ugurkan’s reality! He also issued this message a few games ago. Ugurkan is at a great point between leaving and staying. Maintaining Ugurkan is economically wrong if you have a letter of recommendation in excess of € 20 million. If he doesn’t come, Ugurkan’s rates will improve. It’s not right to leave Trabzonspor in almost every match, grow incredibly this year, and play a goalkeeper who is currently in the pass game at 9 million TL a year! Well, when you go! This is the most important turning point! Is the goalkeeper a foreigner or a domestic goalkeeper? According to the rules of the four locals next year, the castle will be subject to local conditions. If not, you are inevitably a foreigner!

Bakasetas and the decision of life …

Denswill made a significant contribution to the team in the games he played. Although he is a left defender, he has played no more than three matches in his position. But he played his part in both the left back and the right back. Trabzonspor’s management is in favor of signing a contract with Densewill. They can sit at the table at the end of the season. Trabzonspor’s “Brain” player Nuwakaeme! But the words to describe him are inadequate. Trabzonspor’s dynamo and his game intelligence, creativity, passes and goals. Nuwakaeme was probably at the table too. Is it possible to sign before the Besiktas match? We’ll be expecting you! Despite his injuries at the beginning of the season, Bakasetas, who remained in the game and settled an important match for Trabzonspor, said he wanted to go and Abdülkadir Omühl dreamed of playing in Europe. Two player bids are considered. Trabzonspor’s management also commented on the players Abdullah Avc wants to stay on the team. In the next year’s plan, hunters actually aim to protect the “team backbone” by asking Janiny, Cornelius, and Djaniny to stay. As a result, the table on which President Ağaoğlu, Vice President Doğan, and Abdullah Avcı sat reminded us of the saying, “Get up early.”

Source: Morning