Details of a new package to prevent violence against medical professionals

Minister Bekir Bozdag said payments would be covered by the state in the case of compensation, according to the rules prepared for the protection of doctors.

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag detailed the new regulations on the prevention of violence in health.

Minister Bekir Bozdag also answered questions about new measures to be taken and legislative changes.

“The law has a guarantee”

Reminding the judge to decide on rights and freedoms, Minister Bozder said, “It plays an important role in protecting the rights of all of us, acquiring our rights through legal means, limiting or not limiting our freedom, or distributing justice. Of pressure during decision making. I used a phrase.

Minister Bozdag emphasized that there is a guarantee in the law on judges, “If a proceeding is filed against the state and the judge abuses power after the state has paid this compensation, and if it is amended as a result of a criminal case, a claim for reimbursement arises. This request is also determined by HSK. ” Said.

Details of a new package to prevent violence against medical professionals

“We protect as many doctors as judges.”

Doctors, like judges, have fulfilled important obligations to improve their health and right to life, said Minister Bozder.

“That’s why our doctors need judge-like protection. Today, many of our citizens go to hospitals, get medical examinations, make diagnostic decisions, and make treatment decisions. When these treatments are applied, they do not have the courage to make a decision. Many citizens’ health is at risk due to this embarrassment because they behave like shy people in treatment. The number of people who prefer high-risk clinics at TUS has dropped significantly, especially in departments that require critical clinics such as surgeons, surgeons, and cardiovascular. It turns out to be declining. One of the main reasons for this is the increase in compensation cases. Citizens’ interests in doctors making confident and safe decisions without the pressure of compensation. Of course, it will greatly contribute to the early recovery of citizens and the sound implementation of their treatment.

“Government pays compensation”

We bring the same guarantees to doctors as judges. If they act against drug requirements and therefore prove to abuse their obligations, a board formed within the Ministry of Health decides whether to rely on them. This is also very important. It is important not only for our doctors, but also for each of our citizens who apply to the hospital for treatment. There is no public dissatisfaction here. In the event of a situation requiring compensation, the state will pay this compensation to the citizens. We do not place obstacles before citizens’ claims for compensation. We relieve the doctor of this pressure and ensure that the patient is comfortable, confident and early in healing.

“We are taking a historic step”

This is also a historic step. Regulations were previously created to protect doctors from violence. While these regulations served their purpose, we also found some problems here. To eliminate these deficiencies, we have included the previous regulations of the Health Act in the CMK catalog. This includes cases that are considered the reason for the arrest. In fact, judges and prosecutors were looking at this catalog and found that it was occasionally omitted on the other side. Moving this here paves the way for more effective precautions against those involved in or committing violence against doctors. In this way, we have implemented very important regulations regarding doctors. “

New Package Details to Prevent Violence Against Healthcare Professionals # 2