Destiny Man: Valerian Ismael, Gedson Fernandez, Yasin Kol



N’Koudou was chosen to replace Muleka, who underperformed in the first match. Barkay’s and Emlecan’s preferences were noted as a necessity brought on by disability and staff shortages.

N’KOUDOU started out like that…

Apart from all this, N’Koudou is off to an incredible start. In 15 seconds he managed to leave the team with 10 people. Save with a yellow card. The first goal in the 3rd minute gave the signal for the whole season:

“Wout Weghorst always scores these kinds of goals. Sometimes he scores, sometimes he serves.”

Looking not just at Alanya, but across the last nine games, the absence of one of Golden Karma’s stars, Efekan Karacha, had a huge impact on the hosts. Nor was it surprising that when Nkoudou revealed his defensive weaknesses in the first quarter, Surrey shook hands and scored, with blacks and whites half an hour before he beat him 3-0. .



Message to Farioli

Perhaps Ismael giving up on the regular trio with the start of the league and trying to adapt the quartet would be a message to Farioli. Otherwise, opponents with N’Koudou and similarly fast players will struggle. A free-kick goal saw them enter the locker room after a foul on Gedson gave Alanya a little hope while Besiktas headed for ‘game over’ complacency.

Even Weghorst comes to defense

Having found two differences in the first half, Besiktas entered the second half with Ismael making three changes to protect the score. The emergence of his three creative, fast and threatening players – Ghezzal, Salih and N’Koudou – gave Alanyaspor a message of both encouragement and confidence. The arrival of the trio of Necip, Montero and Boyd put Besiktas on the defensive, but Farioli did not turn down the offer. In the 60th minute, they started scoring against Besiktas, who had no risky players, and sent four players at once to Wout Weghorst.

It was clear that the second 45 scenario would be something like this, but Ismael hadn’t considered leaving his fast players on the field in the game template that loaded into Alanyaspor ?? Beneficial in both getting the ball into the opponent’s field and breathing the team’s defense. The reason he missed Enkoudou may have been because he was in a position to get kicked out in the first half. what about others? …


Even amateurs do not make such mistakes

Nevertheless, Besiktas defended well into the final quarter. Sais, who prevented a goal in 1980, scored an own goal in 1981 and may have marked a dramatic end. Gedson’s action, which is not done in an amateur match, resulted in a penalty, making the score 3-3.There were three Destiny Men in Match

1- Valerien Ismael… She forgot her big team identity in Besiktas at the start of the second in the 45th and invited Alanya.

2- Gedson Fern├índez… scored on 45 with a foul from the point looking directly across from the goal. He scored his third goal in his 90+2 penalty which he created with an amateur intervention.

3- Yasin Kol… Applying disciplinary measures in a standard and accurate manner is the referee’s most important function. The behavior of the technical staff when entering the circuit break was not reflected well on the screen. This type of management causes her MHK a lot of headaches during the season.


Failed standards and seemed out of control

The second yellow card shown to Emrecan Uzunhan of Besikta┼č was correct, but the first was too heavy. Alanyaspor could have kept his 10 if Yasin Kol had taken a yellow card at the end of his position, having played the advantage after seeing a foul on Fatih Aksoy. Yasin Kol completely lost control in the last ten minutes. Especially in disciplinary action, it completely fell apart. He skipped his last foul on Rosier and a foul on Weghorst.

The first 45 of the match, which started with a 15-second card, was pretty tough. Referee Yasin Kol played a key role in building tensions in his first 45 matches, talking about cards given, cards not given, but wrong.



In the 19th minute, Wegort’s card, which he saw against the referee who did not see the foul committed against him, should have been shown to the opponent.

Gesar’s penalty was right

In the 31st minute, a penalty to Gesar has both foot and hand interventions. The decision to continue where Enkoudu had set his foot before this penalty was correct.


The second yellow card shown to Emrekan Uzunhan in the 37th minute was correct, but the first was too heavy. After this card, Aranyaspor scored a little more consistently.

You can try FATIH

In the 41st minute, Fati’s yellow card was correct at the position where Weghorst was pulled out. While Besiktas attacked, Kol, who had seen Fatih’s foul and played to his advantage, could have thrown Fatih had he used the card at the end of the position.


No standard

No matter how many hits Yasin Kol took in the penalty area, he could not reach the standard for technical and disciplinary penalties in the rest of the field. He really lost control in the last ten minutes. Especially in disciplinary action, it completely fell apart. He skipped his Rosier last-minute foul, the altercation didn’t go away, and he skipped a Weghorst foul.