Description of “separation” from Trent-TRTSpor

Galatasaray coach Domènec Torrent drew 0-0 with guest guest Medipole Bashakshehir in the 36th week of the Sport Super League, and a press conference was held at Bashakshehir Fatih Terim Stadium after the match. Said in.

Trent, who analyzed the match, said, “The first half was a very balanced match. I was able to capture the position. You cannot end the counterattack position you have caught. We have such a problem. Başakşehir is a well-formed team with a great and clear playing style. Congratulations to trainer Emre. I really liked their game. They controlled the game in the second half. We did not withdraw, they withdrew us. “ He said.

Domènec Torrent states that the club is at various times, saying: “Congratulations to the players who put a lot of effort into the team during this period. Some players were missing. We also congratulate Alpaslan’s defense performance.” I used the phrase.

Torrent, after being told that the team is playing a slow game “Two games left. That’s the team I got. It’s a great team, but that’s all. There’s a saying.” Expressed his opinion.

“I will concentrate on the next two games.”

The coach of the yellow-red team said it wasn’t up to him to stay on the team. “I will concentrate on the next two games.” Said.

Torrent, who said there was news in the press during the week that the road broke up with Galatasaray, continued:

“I’m very happy where I am now. I’m very happy in Istanbul. I’m even happier working in Galatasaray. I’m lucky because I haven’t read the newspaper. I haven’t seen social media. Unrealistic things. It’s very interesting. Usually, when many games are lost in a professional team, the coach can change .. There are some things that are said on TV, but I don’t know why. Who Is just doing his job. It’s great. “

When asked if they had discussed separation with President Brak Elmas, the 59-year-old coach said: “We had a meeting yesterday, but we talked about the team’s situation and general issues. We didn’t talk about what was written. As a technical team, we will continue to fight in the remaining two games. We have another year. Talked about it. We represent a very important club named Galatasaray. We emphasized it. ” I made that evaluation.

“I’m in love with Muslera”

Domènec Torrent said he likes the performance of Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera. “I’m in love with Muslera.” Said.

Explaining Muslera’s good match against Medipole Bashakshehir, the 59-year-old coach said: “I trust Muslera. I’m in love with Muslera. Ignacio Pena isn’t playing. Not because he doesn’t deserve it, but now he’s injured. He’s probably in Barcelona next season. Will be the second goalkeeper. Goalkeeper. Next year’s goalkeeper will be Muslera. With Pena. “I told him,” It’s not a decision about sporty performance. ” As a coach, he said he needed to protect the interests of the club. Next season, he said he needs to play with him because his first goalkeeper is Muslera. I really like what Muslera gave to the team, not just as a goalkeeper. He is also a captain. “ He said.

“Sports director Pasquale Sensibile continues to work.”

According to Trent, sports director Pasquale Sensibile emphasized that he would continue to work within legal limits during the election process. “What we are focusing on is what we can legally do in the selection process. A sports director who works hard. When we meet a player, what he can and cannot do so that he can speak accordingly. He is already in communication. With many players, he did not quit his job and continued to work every day. After the General Assembly, the existing contract was retained during the selection process. But there was a reservation about signing a new contract. He is working hard, he will continue to prepare everything. We will continue to work. We will isolate ourselves from the outside. Much needs to be said outside and must not be affected. When a new president comes, he will not work with Sensibile. I will not. Know. ” He finished his speech.