Description of Burak Elmas by Ergin Ataman-TRTSpor

In the second match of yesterday’s ING Basketball Super League playoff semi-final series, Anadolu Efes hosted Galatasaray Nev on his court, and Galatasaray President Braquelmas left the match during the match, and some Galatasaray fans were kicked out. .. Anadolu Efes head coach Elgin Ataman has issued a statement on these issues.

Ataman commented on Burak Elmas leaving the hall: “All front seats on the field of the Efes match are seasonal combines. Nevertheless, the owner of the combination was required and the two were asked. A place is requested by the chair and for his wife, and for his children, my combine is sitting Cem Kınay and my guest from Galatasaray is sitting. Two clubs in the box before the match I agreed to the assignment and the box was already assigned. Burak Elmas and his family are the people I cherish very much. If you know in advance, they will be the best seated guests. . Lift my family up and let me sit. “

“Freeing Galatasaray fans is completely outside of us.”

Elgin Ataman, who mentioned the issue of excluding Galatasaray fans from the hall, said, “Field guards are also the company that Anadolu Efes and Galatasaray jointly use at the Sinan Erdem Sports Hall. The issue of excluding Galatasaray fans is entirely Outside of us. Enforcement of the existing away ban by safety. Also, Efes in the first match. Galatasaray’s manager has 40-50 places assigned by Galatasaray for the family of Galatasaray athletes. It was faithfully filled with fans, from which cheers rose, and the police intervened again. “

“Galatasaray fans have created the heaviest atmosphere of all past and present environments.”

An experienced coach said, “I don’t know what’s going on in this turmoil. If there’s an attempt to strain Galatasaray’s home match starting tomorrow, you don’t have to. Galatasaray fans are past and today. Created the heaviest atmosphere in all environments. After the match, his son Sirp responded to a verbal abuse and attack by a group of 25-30 fans at the parking exit of Sinan Eldem. At the sports hall when I was with him, we were talking about something very different. We are trying to make sure the sport is going on. Today, the whole of Europe is with the Anador Efes team and Turkish basketball. I am very sorry for this recognition while talking about. Created by our best friend. “

“We are friends and our love for solving all family problems is unbreakable by anyone.”

Addressing the issue of President Brak Elmas leaving the hall again, Ataman said: His position and us Galatasaray fans. If he leaves the program and shows the same sensibility. But yesterday, if some officials made a mistake against him because he couldn’t offer an immediate solution, I apologize as head coach. Efes Team We are friends and no one breaks the bond of love that solves every family problem. We sincerely support us on our way to the European Championship. Thanks again to all of the Galatasaray community. Galatasaray supporters who gave their support. “