Derby’s comment from Seldal Dursan-TRT Spor

The dark blue soccer player, who played 30 games in this season’s Super League and scored 14 goals, answered media questions before training at the Fenerbahce Kambal to Facilities.

Selder, who began his speech by celebrating the feast of Ramadan in the Islamic world, described Besiktas Derby as follows: “I have a special match. I’m going to win. There are three games left in the league. I want to win and finish the season well.” He said.

When Seldal Dursan was asked if his performance this year was enough to be the first striker in Fenerbahce next season. “Last season (Darmstadt 98-Bundesliga 2) I was the highest scorer. Again this year there are 15 goal players. At this level, everyone will want to chase the highest scorer. I want to score as much as I can. I want to score as many goals as I can in the remaining three games. I want to be number one at the end of the season. “Fenerbahce always has a top-level star forward. I want to wear it. What will happen next? I’ll take a look. I want to show the best performance no matter who comes and be number one. ” I used a phrase.

A 30-year-old soccer player said he had some misfortunes this season, saying: “I was injured in the first match. Now I’m back. It took me a while. Looking at the top 10 top scorers, I’m the player who played at least in the top 11 and took the least time. I’ve been playing in the top 11 for the last two months. I’m playing in the top 11 for the striker. It’s important to get started and spend more time. “ Expressed his opinion.

Emphasizing that his goal as a striker is always to reach double-digit goals, Selder said, “I go out to score goals in every match. With a little more play, I could have scored 20-22. Let’s do it. ” He made that evaluation.

“Mr. Ismail trusted me.”

Seldal Dursan said Ismail Cartal’s confidence in him and his play in the Top 11 have continuously improved his performance.

Ismail Cartal has stated that he has different expectations, and Selder said:

“I think we’ve done well as a team. We’ve achieved the best stats in the last 15-16 games in Europe. The Ismail coach trusted me and made me play in the top 11 in a row. All players on the team play at the top. Our teacher is in the 4-3-3 system. He looks back. As a pivot striker or fake number 9, I can play more balls You can. The coach wants me to go around the front. Come to the edge and help with the connections that go through. The most important thing for me is to be comfortable as a head. Thanks to the coach He trusted me and played. “

National football player, about his favorite position on the field “I like to play in front of 4-3-3. I like to play in the fake 9th style. Sometimes I like to come to 10th and sometimes I like to go to the wings. The most important thing for me is to meet the ball in the penalty area. The system doesn’t make much difference. ” I made a statement.

“Arda Gurel did something amazing during the time he took.”

Selder said 17-year-old midfielder Arda Güler did great things this season.

Hoping Arda would go to Europe as soon as possible, Selder continued his words:

“I’ve known Arda since summer. I wasn’t there for the first few weeks, but I’ve heard from many that he’s a talented soccer player. He showed himself in his first training. Who He understands that his talents are different. He is very young, he is only 17 years old. He has done great things compared to this season. He is a good and pretty boy. Like Fenerbahce. The club is very big. It’s very difficult for young people to play under such pressure. It’s easy in the first year, but I don’t know what will happen to Arda next year. He won’t get hurt. Hope to improve myself and stay as it is as a personality. Fenerbahce is difficult. There is a good player and “I wish him. I will have a good time in these last games. It’s me. Not because of that, but I hope he goes to Europe as soon as possible. “

The dark blue soccer player advised young players not to lose hope. “I used to play on time. I was playing in Fatih Karagümük’s second league. I always believed in myself and told myself,” I’ll be there someday. ” I came to Fenerbahce this summer. Some players start from such places between the ages of 17 and 18. My career has made a leap since I was 24 years old. I came to dig. Hometown hopes that young players have hope. .. Some players cannot play. They go to the lower leagues, “Is it over?” “Young players always have to trust themselves. They don’t know what will happen.” He said.

Seldal Dursan said the Super League is tough, saying: “The Super League has a solid defense. There are players with individual talents. Each team has 4-5 talented players. It’s strange to me. It’s been three weeks now. , Top 15 goals are in the top. Scorer race. Some players have scored 20-25 goals in other leagues. “I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the league or the defense. Player performance. May not have been enough. “ He concludes his speech.