Derby’s comment from Filip Novak of Fenerbahce: “They come to Galatasaray”

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Fenerbahce defender Filip Novák was a guest on the “Interview of the Day” program broadcast on FBTV during his life break.

Here is Philip Novark’s explanation.

It was one of the longest injuries in my career. As a result, my body was a little more tired. But the most important thing for me right now was being able to rejoin the team and come back again. For now, I can say that I feel better every day. I hope I get more minutes and have the opportunity to play more games.

I feel better

In such situations, you need to stay strong and strong mentally. Seeing your teammates training outside and continuing treatment inside can be really difficult for you. But I’m a person who always tries to stay positive. I am a person who always seeks positive points at events. I joined the team two weeks ago and so far everything is going well. I continue to train every day. This will make you feel better.This is important to me

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We fight in the field

Frankly, these ups and downs are like life, and we are constantly experiencing them in our lives. But how people overcome them is much more important, and how they work hard to overcome them. Sometimes you can manage these processes well, and sometimes you can’t. But the most important thing here is to learn from our mistakes. It is very important to learn from them so that you will not repeat these mistakes in your next match or training session. Because, as I said, such ups and downs happen in life. This time was obviously difficult for us too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t win the match I wanted to win. There was a match that was unlucky. We know that there are moments when performance in a match requires luck. So far I’m seeing that everyone on the team is very positive, as positive as I am, and at this point all teammates are positive. We also fought in the field with this positive idea, and I think we showed this in the last game. What was important to us was to get these victories.

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I show my best

Frankly, the answer to this question is simple. Because if you are a soccer player, you want to win every match you play. We also want to win. I know if I can win in the future, but of course I want to win every match. I myself do my best to Fenerbahce in the field. There is no doubt that your teammates will do their best.

We win for them

After our teacher came, he changed the mindset of the fans at this point. Frankly, the whistling of fans during the match is to drive us into big problems during the match. Of course, you can make complaints and criticisms after the match, but you always need support during the match. With their support, we have the opportunity to play easier and better on the field. I think we can change that a little positively. I’ve already played in front of a full stand in the last game and I feel they are behind us and supporting us. We are already winning for them. Therefore, this is an important part for me and for us.

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They will come here for a Galatasaray match

My family is very important to me in my life. They will be here for next week’s Galatasaray match. About 10 people gather at the stadium to support us. I love spending time at home. I love playing computer games. I am interested in many sports such as golf and tennis and like to drink coffee. If you don’t get tired, play a game. I also do this for mental rest. I want to think about things other than soccer. I think this is also very important. I do it to relax and enjoy my heart.I like action games more

They cannot participate in the World Cup

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I watched both Turkish and Czech matches. Unfortunately, both teams have been eliminated. Of course, I want the Czech Republic and Turkey to participate in the World Cup, so it’s a difficult situation. But this is football, and as I said before, there are ups and downs. Unfortunately, neither the Czech Republic nor Turkey can participate in the World Cup in Qatar. But no matter what, you have to keep working and fight again to take part in other tournaments.

I’m trying to speak Turkish continuously

Szalai always tries to speak Turkish. And sometimes it’s so much fun. He can understand and speak a lot in Turkish. I’m not bad at this either. I think speaking Turkish is a little shy, but I understand a lot of things being said. I don’t really like speaking in front of the camera, but I think I can speak Turkish when the time comes.

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