Derby Time in Super League-TRT Spor

The match at Nef Stadium starts at 20:00. Referee Atilla Karaoğlan blows the whistle in the derby. Selkan Ok and Kandash Elville will be Karaolan’s assistants. The fourth referee in the match is Mustafa Kürşad Filiz.

You can take advantage of the difference in “Maç Merkezi” to follow the live narration of the battle that will be broadcast live on TRTRADYO 1 at …

One of the worst seasons in Super League history, the Yellow-Red team has experienced 9 wins, 8 draws and 11 losses in the remaining 28 games. Galatasaray, who entered the championship race, entered the week in 12th place with 35 points.

On the other hand, blacks and whites ranked 7th with 12 wins and 9 draws and 7 losses with 45 points 29 weeks ago.

Galatasaray lost 2-1 despite leading 1-0 in a match at Vodafone Park earlier in the season.

The only missing Arda Turan

With the exception of captain Arda Turan, there are no missing players in Galatasaray.

Arda Turan, who has been injured in the upper right muscle group and has not yet cooperated with the team, will not be able to play in tomorrow’s derby.

Players who have reached the limit of the yellow card penalty, Fernando Muslera, Omelbyram and Mustafa Mohammed, will be stopped before the 30th week of the Gaziantep FK battle if they see the card tomorrow.

I found morale in Europe

The yellow-red team, which had a hard time in the Super League, was encouraged by their success in the UEFA Europa League.

Galatasaray, who remained undefeated in “Cup 2” this season, faced Spain’s powerful team Barcelona in the first match of the last 16 rounds.

“Symbom”, who drew Spain 0-0, found an advantage and boosted their morale before the second round in Istanbul on March 17th.

He hasn’t returned to Istanbul yet

Galatasaray couldn’t come to Istanbul yet due to bad weather.

The yellow-red team, who played against Barcelona on March 10 in the UEFA Europa League, came to Izmir instead of Istanbul due to the heavy snowfall in Istanbul.

Galatasaray, who has been here for two days, will arrive in Istanbul tonight.

Go through strict equipment

Galatasaray has experienced a difficult and tough match that started on March 10th against Barcelona and lasted for about a month.

The yellow-red team, who will face Besiktas Derby in the Super League tomorrow, will host Barcelona in the UEFA Europa League three days later. After that, Galatasaray will play one after another in the Super League until April 10th in the games of Gaziantep FK, VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük and Fenerbahçe.

If Galatasaray eliminates Barcelona in Europe, he will be in the quarterfinals on April 7th and 14th.

Can’t close his goal

Galatasaray failed to reach his goal in nine games in the 2022 Super League.

The yellow-red team, who defeated Fraport TAV Antalyaspor 2-0 at the end of the league on December 25, 2021 and did not allow a goal, scored 18 goals in the next nine games.

Galatasaray experienced two wins and a draw in the process, but lost five times. In the last nine league games, Yellow Red has responded with 14 goals to his opponent’s 18 goals.

Trent’s first derby exam

Spain coach Domènec Torrent will be the first Galatasaray chief to play in a derby match.

Trent, who started working 21 weeks after his separation from Fatih Terim, experienced 2 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses in nine official games during the process.

The 59-year-old coach, who has fought against opponents such as Trabzonspor in the Super League and Barcelona in the UEFA Europa League, will go to Derby for the first time at the top of the team.

For Trent’s mission on the Yellow-Red team, Omar Erabdelaui, Sacha Boey, Inaki Penha, Alpulseran Ezturk, Erick Pulgar and Emre Kılıcz will face Besiktas for the first time.